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Henry Cavill Moves On To A Warhammer 40K Series With Amazon

Henry Cavill moves on. After DC Studios boss James Gunn ruled out the actor’s return as Superman this week, there was speculation that Cavill might respond by not retiring from the role of Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series. The Wizard it’s been squashed, it’s not happening. But the world’s favorite nerdy biscuit has a new project: a Warhammer 40,000 series with Amazon.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon is in final talks with Games Workshop to secure the rights to Warhammer 40K, so it’s not a done deal yet, but Cavill is attached to star and serve as an executive producer on the show. No showrunner or writer is yet attached to the dark fantasy sci-fi setting adaptation of Games Workshop’s tabletop war games.

Cavill is a long-time fan of the Warhammer universe. During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, he revealed on Instagram that he was using the free time to brush up on his miniature painting skills. “One of my most lifelong hobbies that I have been following but not actively doing is this,” he wrote below a photo of himself delicately painting a tiny helmet. “A company called Games Workshop…or plastic crack as ‘we’ call it. I really can’t get enough of the lore they have built up over the decades. They have been some of my most enthusiastic reads! If you denied that I was a geek before, you can’t hide now.”

Earlier this year, Cavill posted a video of a visit to Warhammer World, a visitor attraction at Games Workshop headquarters in Nottingham, UK. discussions he had had on Warhammer history and miniature design with the Games Workshop team.

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With this evidence, and to his credit as executive producer, Cavill’s personal investment in this project may even surpass his famously dedicated role as Geralt. But fans’ hopes that he can reverse his decision to leave The Wizard after DC Studios chose to recast Superman are unfounded. Variety reports that season 4 of The Wizard moves forward unchanged, with Liam Hemsworth in the role of Geralt.

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With the Warhammer 40K series still in the early stages of development, it won’t be Cavill’s next project, but the actor still has a few irons in the fire, including two spy movies: to Argy, with king director Matthew Vaughn and The Ministry of Unchivalrous WarDirected by Guy Richie. for argy already filmed, Ritchie’s movie will shoot in early 2023, and both are considered potential franchises. “I needed someone who was born to play Bond, which is Henry, and then cornered him before Bond did,” Vaughn told the Hollywood Reporter.

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