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Here is the hilarious and slightly depressing saga that happens between Doja Cat and Twitter

Unless you’re safely away from the vortex of chaos happening on Twitter right now (in which case, show me how it works), you may have noticed a lot of Elon Musk-induced nonsense on verified accounts.

For a hot minute following the release of “Twitter Blue” this week, verified people were unable to change their display names. According to Twitterthis was to “minimize impersonation risks” which, i’m not saying, was a response to a group of people who paid for a blue brand and then posed as Elon Musk, but it sure feels like a response to a group of people paying for a blue tick and then posing as Elon Musk.

Twitter: @jokictasha

Well, one of the people caught in the crossfire was none other than Doja Cat, whose name was “Christmas” at the time:

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Ahh, a tweet for the times:

“I don’t want to be Christmas forever” (Doja Cat, 2022).

Fortunately, the ghoul himself took the time to respond personally to Doja:

Twitter: @elonmusk

Which means his Twitter handle could be restored to what the universe intended:

Although there are some screenshots floating around which suggests that there was a short alternate name for Doja before “fart”:

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As for what’s going on with Twitter’s verification process right now, I’m pretty sure no one knows.

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