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Here’s why fans think the Kardashians are planning their “reality TV exit” and “rebranding”

If there’s one thing the Kardashians have become known for over the decades they’ve been in the spotlight, it’s drama.

Needless to say, the sisters have earned quite the reputation for the scandals they’ve shown on their previous E! reality show, keeping up with the Kardashians.

From literal physical fights between the sisters to all sorts of messy storylines, including cheating scandals and divorces. To keep up to date it provided viewers with the ugly moments of the sisters’ lives, as well as the beautiful ones.

But fans have noticed a considerable change in the amount of drama featured in his new Hulu series, the Kardashians, which first aired in April, ten months after the last episode of KUWTK airy

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The first season, which ended in June, barely tapped into the variety of dramatic storylines the sisters had been living through.

For example, there was no mention at all of the Astroworld tragedy, in which ten people died and hundreds more were injured at a festival headlined and organized by Travis Scott, who is the boyfriend of Kylie Jenner. Travis and Kylie’s responses to the event sparked a lot of controversy after people dismissed their minimal statements as “insincere” Y “disrespectful.”

And yet, the show made no reference to the concert, and the sisters were even accused of faking an entire story to avoid even mentioning it.

Meanwhile, most episodes focused on fairly bland plot points, with the occasional bit of drama serving as an interesting hook to keep viewers watching.

“How are we already in the last episode of the season? Literally NOTHING happened,” one person wrote on Reddit when the finale aired. “And we had to wait a week each time for 45 minutes of nothing. I liked KUWTK, it was fun, unpredictable, light and chaotic in the best way. This new show is just one long ad and campaign about how amazing Kim is. I’m very disappointed.”

Fans also began to notice an increase in the amount of business-focused content shown, which the sisters themselves said would be a key focus within the new show.

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But the amount of work-related footage and significant lack of drama in Season 1 paled in comparison to Season 2, which saw a much more noticeable increase in all things business and a decrease in scandal.

And now, with the season 2 finale airing this week, it’s more apparent than ever that the Kardashians’ approach to reality TV is completely different than it used to be, with fans theorizing that the sisters are drifting apart. sneaking out of the genre entirely and undergoing a subtle “rebranding.” Let me explain.

So this season, like the first, barely discussed a few key moments in the sisters’ lives. While the first episode delved into Tristan Thompson’s most recent cheating scandal and provided some fascinating insight into his relationship with Khloé, the rest turned out to be pretty lackluster drama-wise.

For starters, there was little to no mention of Kim’s explosive feud with her ex-husband, Kanye West, despite the fact that this pretty much dominated social media during the months the show was filming.

Kanye, now legally called Ye, repeatedly punched Kim and her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson after expressing a strong desire to rekindle their romance a year after she filed for divorce.

Ye openly accused Kim and her sisters of kidnapping her 4-year-old daughter, Chicago, and went on to falsely claim that she had been denied access to see her children in full.

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Pete ended up responding to Ye with a rather lengthy series of messages, including the now-viral text about being “in bed” with his “wife” Kim, all of which caused quite a stir online.

Nevertheless, The Kardashians he showed absolutely no footage of the fight, just providing a couple of very brief references to the discord throughout the season.

Speaking of Pete, his brief appearance on the show was arguably just as mediocre. Fans were expecting to see a lot of the comedian on the show after the producers confirmed that he would appear, and he appeared repeatedly in the trailers. But he only made one appearance on camera, in the penultimate episode of the season.

Meanwhile, Kim, Khloé, Kris and Kylie also found themselves embroiled in an arduous legal battle with Blac Chyna, ex-girlfriend of their brother, Rob Kardashian. Again, while we know the details of the actual test were incredibly convoluted, the minimal content we saw about it on screen didn’t provide anything new.

It’s also worth noting that this season saw a significant lack of Scott Disick content, which has also been called underwhelming by fans. But we will come back to this later.

Taking to TikTok to share a popular theory about the show’s significant lack of drama, user @nataliethehero, who runs the iconic North West parody account @norisblackbook, delved further into the topic.

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“Do you remember when they first launched the show and they were like, ‘Is it different, is it new, is it documentary style?’” Natalie asks. “I figured it out. It’s new in the fact that there’s absolutely no drama.”

“They intentionally don’t have any drama or any conflict on the show,” he says, before rightly noting that while some might argue that Tristan’s paternity scandal was put on display, the jock was never confronted on camera, downplaying how messy it could be. be that story ‘has been.

“They never made it big, it was more like showing us Khloé and trying to get the audience to feel compassion for her,” he says.

Natalie then suggests that Kourtney’s reason for being on the Hulu show had a lot to do with its lack of drama, which is entirely plausible, given that Kourt memorably walked away from filming. KUWTK and then accused the “toxic” show of turning her into a “character”.

“I also think the big reason Kourtney even agreed to do this series is that they agreed that she wouldn’t have to show her trauma to the world,” says Natalie. “I also think that she is no longer 100% interested in fighting any of the family members on camera.”

Drawing a direct comparison between her past and current reality shows, Natalie summarizes: “On E!, we have soap opera-level drama. On Hulu, it’s peaceful, it’s quiet.”

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And in a follow-up video, Natalie goes on to suggest that the lack of Scott Disick content on the show — especially compared to the amount of airtime Kourtney’s husband Travis Barker received — has a lot to do with the sisters who they opted for a peaceful approach. .

Scott was a centerpiece in KUWTKAnd while he featured quite a bit in Season 1, and often complained about being ostracized from the family as Kourt and Travis’ relationship developed, viewers ended up choosing sides as some defended Scott and others condemned him.

Some people even ended up pitting him and Travis against each other, which resulted in more drama.

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Kourtney was also incredibly vocal about her annoyance with the show’s editors for including much of Scott’s reaction in the episode about her and Travis’ engagement, which she says “overshadowed” their “fairy tale” moment.

Prior to season 2, Kourtney also revealed that she had “no idea” if Scott would appear in any of the episodes, despite being listed as an executive producer on the show. And so some fans now believe Scott’s removal from season 2 was a deliberate move to get away from messy content, giving the Kardashians a more polished public image.

Viewers of the viral TikTok have finally suggested that the Kardashians’ new TV style is actually a very conscious effort by them to “rebrand” themselves and move away from their reality star status entirely.

“Talk about how this is an effort to rebrand. They are currently being renamed. The whole family,” said one user.

“Your attempt/goal to change your image is possible. To be taken seriously. Sales. Advance. Power,” suggested another. In response, Natalie wrote: “It could be her big break from reality TV.”

Moving on to use Kendall Jenner as an example, Natalie points out that the model has been deliberately branded as “an 818 business girl who also likes to flip houses in her spare time” on the Hulu show. “This is another rebrand. Showing that she is more than a model, she has business, she has ideas, she is creative,” she says.

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In general, people found themselves in agreement with the viral theory and took to the comments to express their thoughts. “These are hour-long commercials for your brand,” one person wrote about the episodes. “No wonder we’re all bored, I didn’t even notice this!” said another.

“It’s a sanitized version of KUWTK”, agreed a third user. “I get that it’s their prerogative to show what they want us to see, but it’s a nap fest on autopilot.”

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