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High On Life sets Xbox Game Pass records as “biggest launch of 2022”

The fun sci-fi shooter from Squanch Games high up in life It’s not only the most popular game on Game Pass right now, it’s the biggest Game Pass release of 2022. Y the largest third-party launch in Game Pass history, according to Microsoft. Not content with just two records, high up in life it’s also the “biggest launch of a single player game on Game Pass” based on “the number of hours played in the first five days of launch,” Microsoft says.

As of Monday, Squanch Games’ new Xbox and Windows PC release was the most popular game on Game Pass, beating out other titles on the service like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Minecraft, fifa 22, force horizon 5, rainbow six SiegeY infinite halo on console and PC. That’s an impressive feat for a game published independently through Microsoft’s [email protected] program, but there are a few reasons that help explain why. high up in life managed to set so many records.

For one, high up in life not available on competing platforms; there is no Nintendo Switch or PlayStation version of the game. It is a de facto Microsoft exclusive. high up in life it also fell during the typically slower month of December, where new game releases are few and far between, meaning it had little competition.

Game Pass hasn’t seen many notable releases from AAA in 2022; Arkane’s Delays red drop and the one from Bethesda star field to 2023 meant Microsoft’s lineup for this year was sparse compared to next, when games like Forza Motorsport, Minecraft legendsY STALKER 2 it will also join Game Pass. An original title like high up in life – which comes with a built-in audience, thanks to Squanch Games founder Justin Roiland’s work on rick and morty — has the opportunity to excel and set records in this environment.

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help that high up in life it’s a pretty good game in its own right, with decent shooting and a solid first-person walkthrough, inspired by some of the Metroid Prime games. Whether Roiland’s brand of humor aligns with yours is another story. But it’s the perfect example of a Game Pass game, as Polygon’s Ryan Gilliam pointed out in a recent Sub Gems column:

high up in life it’s a game that will make you cringe so much you’ll turn it off in the first 10 minutes, or crack up all the way to the first boss of the game. The beauty is that, with Game Pass, either of those results is perfectly acceptable. Either you find a new game that you’re excited to see through to the end, or you delete it from your hard drive forever and never give it a second thought, no damage, no missing.

high up in life it can be played on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X via Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass cost $9.99 per month. PC Game Pass includes access to EA Play, which offers another 70 PC games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, at $14.99 per month, gives subscribers access to everything: the PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass libraries, EA Play on both console and PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold membership, which is needed for online multiplayer.

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