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Home Alone Cast & Crew: Where Are They Now?

The art of Christmas cinema changed forever on November 16, 1990. It was then that Home alone received its wide release (after opening in Chicago the week before), and the film became an instant phenomenon. It broke box office records and remains a classic to this day. Not a Christmas goes by without this movie on cable or YouTube channels uploading a video in which they analyze injuries.

Time certainly has a knack for flying, and Home alone he is now 32 years old. A lot has changed in that time, as evidenced by the lives of the cast and crew.

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Updated December 12, 2022 by Colin McCormick: Since its release in 1990, Home Alone has been a fan favorite for the holidays. Even after all these years, many people return to the Christmas sitcom each year and have some festive fun with the iconic characters. After all these years, it’s interesting to see where the various cast members went with their careers, from those who are still best remembered for this movie to others who found great success. Christmas is the perfect time of year to find out where the cast of Home Alone is now.

Macaulay Culkin

Kevin McAllister applies aftershave in Home Alone.

Born on August 26, 1980, Macaulay Culkin was just 10 years old when Home alone was released. Making the passage of time sting a bit more, Culkin is now 41 years old. After a long hiatus, Culkin has returned to acting.

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In 2021, he played Mickey in the tenth season of american horror storytitled American Horror Story: Double Feature. He also hosts a pop culture podcast titled Rabbit ears. On April 5, 2021, Culkin and his girlfriend, Brenda Song, welcomed a son named Dakota Song Culkin.

joe fish

Harry's head is set on fire in Home Alone

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The same year he landed his Oscar-winning role as the dangerous gangster in the Martin Scorsese film. Good boys, Pesci showed his goofy side in Home Alone. He was hilarious as the tough but clumsy thief, Harry.

Like Culkin, Pesci also went on a very long hiatus from acting, as he almost disappeared after lethal weapon 4 in 1998. However, he made a spectacular comeback with 2019 the Irish, earning her third Academy Award nomination. He will next be seen in Pete Davidson’s upcoming comedy series. bukis.

daniel stern

A tarantula crawls across Marv's face in Home Alone

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Joining Joe Pesci was Daniel Stern, who played the lesser and more dimwitted thief, Marv. Her hilarious performance delivered some of the best slapstick moments in the movie. he followed Home alone with another comedy classic, city ​​raincoats with Billy Crystal.

In 2019, he produced and starred in a Canadian sci-fi comedy called James vs. his future self. She has also done a lot of television work, and in 2019 she starred in eight episodes of the Hulu sitcom. Strident.

John heard

John Heard sitting in a seat in Home Alone

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Kevin’s dad doesn’t have much to do, but the character is bolstered by the presence of John Heard. Heard would later find even greater success after Home alonehe even earned an Emmy nomination for playing Vin Makazian in The sopranos.

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Heard continued to appear on notable shows in guest star roles, from Prison Break a Entourage a Modern Family. Unfortunately, Heard suffered a fatal heart attack on July 21, 2017 and passed away. She was 71 years old.

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Catherine O’Hara

Kate talking on the phone in Home Alone

Kevin’s mother played a much bigger role in the story, as she was much more concerned and much more active in getting back together with Kevin. Kate McAllister was played by the wonderful Canadian actress, Catherine O’Hara.

Today, O’Hara is best known for playing failed actress Moira Rose in Schitt’s Cove. The show aired for six seasons between 2015 and 2020 and garnered consistent critical acclaim. In 2020, O’Hara won an Emmy and stole the show with her impractical outfits in Schitt’s Cove like Moira Rosa. She will soon be seen as part of the star-studded spy action movie. argyll.

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Devin Ratray

home alone bro buzz

Although there are about a thousand children in Home alone, Buzz easily makes the biggest impression. This bully was played to wonderful perfection by Devin Ratray. Now 45, Ratray has continued acting on film and television.

Ratray appeared as Stephen in the 2019 crime comedy hustler. But perhaps most surprising is that Ratray reprized the Buzz McAllister character after nearly 30 years by playing him in the Disney+ movie. home sweet home alone. Most recently, she appeared in a small role in the final season of Better call Saul as well as in Steve Soderbergh’s 2022 thriller Who.

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caramel john

john candy home alone

John Candy was already a comedy icon when he took on the role of Gus Polinski, the friendly polka player who offers Kate McAllister a ride home with his band. The little cameo was a favor to John Hughes, who Candy had worked with on Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

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Candy continues her successful movie by following Home alone with movies like cool racing as well as a rare dramatic role in Oliver Stone’s film jfk. Unfortunately, Candy passed away in 1994 at the age of 43, though she left behind a beloved career.

roberts flower

Old Marley and Kevin talking in Home Alone

Harry and Marv are some of the evil villains in Christmas movies, but many were just as afraid of Robert Blossom as they were of McAllister’s neighbor Marley. However, learning more about him, Blossom does a great job of showing the surprisingly kind side of him.

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Blossom, who was born in 1924, had a long career in Hollywood before landing her most recognizable role. His last film role was in the Sam Raimi western. The quick and the dead. Sadly, Blossom passed away in 2011.

kieran culkin

Fuller seizes Pepsi in Home Alone

While his brother was the star of the show, Kieran Culkin took on the memorable supporting role of Kevin’s bed-wetting cousin Fuller. It was Culkin’s first role in a movie, and it ended up being the launching pad for an excellent career.

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Culkin took on various child acting roles in father of the bride Y The rules of the cider house. But her adult career has been even more impressive with roles in Scott Pilgrim against the worldseason 2 of Fargoand his acclaimed role as Roman Roy, one of the best characters on HBO Succession.

Christopher Columbus

Kevin reading a magazine in Home Alone

Chris Columbus movies are very loved. Columbus, one of the strongest directors in the industry, has overseen people like Home alone, Mrs. doubtfireand the first two Harry Potter Films.

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After a five-year hiatus from directing, Columbus returned in 2020 with the Netflix holiday comedy. The Christmas Chronicles 2. Today, Colón seems more interested in producing. He owns the production company 1492 Pictures and has recently produced films like The lighthouse Y Scoob!

john hughes

John Hughes cameo

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John Hughes was the main creative force behind Home alone. He not only wrote the script, but solely produced the film through his production company, Hughes Entertainment.

After helping define teen comedies in the 1980s, the success of Home alone found Hughes moving towards family films like beethoven Y flubbers.

Unfortunately, Hughes did not live to see his 20th anniversary of Home alone. He tragically passed away in 2009 after suffering a heart attack on the streets of Manhattan. She was just 59 years old.

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Raja Gosnell

smurfs 2 characters all together

Editing is an underrated aspect of filmmaking. to help create Home alone, Hughes hired acclaimed publisher Raja Gosnell. Gosnell frequently collaborated with director Chris Columbus, having edited the first two Home alone movies and Mrs. doubtfire.

Gosnell stopped editing in 1995, and his final credit was on the Hugh Grant-directed film. Nine months. Instead, Gosnell has turned to directing. He directed the first two smurfs movies, and in 2021 he co-directed a movie called Gun and a hotel bible with Alicia Joy LeBlanc.

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john williams

John Williams cameo

Home alone it earned two Oscar nominations, both of which came courtesy of composer John Williams. His score was nominated for Best Original Score and “Somewhere in My Memory” was nominated for Best Original Song (he wrote the music).

Williams turned 90 in 2022, but continues to work as if he were 29. He has composed four Star Wars films since 2015 – the main three and Alone: ​​A Star Wars Story. He recently composed the music for Steve Spielberg The Fabelmans and has suggested his next score for Indiana Jones and the dial of fate.

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