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House Of The Dragon: 10 Biggest Mistakes The Blacks Made In Season 1

With the war between blacks and greens in full swing house of the dragonIt seems that fan support is largely behind the Blacks, led by Rhaenyra Targaryen. But while there have certainly been moments worth cheering for, they’ve also made more than a few mistakes in Season 1.

From the rare mistakes of smart characters like Rhaenyra to the frustrating actions of arrogant characters like Daemon, these poor decisions weakened his claim to the throne and made things difficult for him on his path to victory. Time will tell how things work out for blacks in house of the dragon and how much they will regret these mistakes.

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Daemon’s feud with Viserys

Although many fans seem to love Daemon Targaryen, he is far from a heroic character. Along with his many crimes, he is also responsible for many of the Blacks’ biggest and most easily avoidable mistakes in season 1, including his feud with his brother, King Viserys.

From his prank at the expense of Viserys’s dead son to his night out with Rhaenyra, Daemon seems to be deliberately trying to piss off his brother. This leads to them spending much of the series apart, but with Daemon at his brother’s side, it surely would have prevented the Hightowerrs from taking so much control.

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Daemon does not kill Criston Cole in the tournament

One of the biggest character changes in house of the dragon in season 1 it has been Ser Criston Cole. He is introduced to her as a seemingly honorable and brave knight who serves to protect Rhaenyra, but ends up being one of her bitterest enemies.

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When Criston and Daemon squared off in a tournament earlier in the season, fans were likely rooting for Cole to take down Daemon. However, looking back at the scene now, if Daemon had killed Criston in the fight, it would have saved everyone a lot of pain.

Rhaenyra Trusting to Be Criston Cole

Forced to find a suitor she doesn’t want, Rhaenyra understandably wants to find her own love. Sadly, after being rejected by Daemon, her next choice ended up being pretty pitiful.

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Although Criston is a willing participant in the relationship, he quickly begins to blame Rhaenyra for his sense of inadequacy and becomes a bitter enemy to her and her family. If he had chosen almost anyone else, the situation would probably have gone much better.

Allow the legitimacy of heirs to be questioned

Another understandable but dangerous choice was the relationship between Rhaenyra and Laenor. Unable to conceive children of their own, they raise the new heirs to the Iron Throne with Harwin Strong as the true father.

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However, few people believe that Laenor is the father, resulting in the children’s legitimacy being constantly questioned behind their backs. He puts the children in a dangerous position while also making his hold on the throne very tenuous.

Leaving Suspicion At Laenor’s “Death”

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It becomes clear that Laenor is not a suitable husband for Rhaenyra, as they are both interested in life with someone else. They then come to a surprising compromise that makes him one of House of the Dragon’The biggest plot twists.

It is staged as if Laenor had been killed in a duel only for him to escape and go live his life on the seas. While it’s a decent plan, it’s executed in a way that leaves too much suspicion, leading some to accuse Rhaenyra of being behind the murder.

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Rhaenyra’s children fighting Aemond

Even before the war broke out, tensions between both sides of the family were certainly boiling and would inevitably lead to violence. Sure enough, this happens during a brutal fight between Alicent’s son, Aemond, and Rhaenyra’s two sons, Jace and Luke.

What starts out as childish insults quickly turns into a serious fight in which someone could surely die. In the end, Aemond is blinded in one eye, making him a vengeful enemy of the two princes who advance and further divide the families.

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Being provoked too easily

While Jace and Luke could be forgiven for getting carried away with their fight against Aemond, they show no more restraint with their anger when they get older. And unfortunately, the biggest provocation of his anger is questioning who his father is.

During a very tense family dinner, Aemond makes a not-so-subtle toast to this question, and the boys lash out in anger. They’re obviously still too young and hotheaded to see that they’re directly toying with Aemond and giving those rumors more legitimacy.

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Make enemies of the in-laws

Among those who suspect that Rhaenyra might have been involved in Leanor’s death are her parents. The Velaryon family is one of Rhaenrya’s greatest allies in the war and did not make it easy for them to stand by her side.

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As well as quickly marrying Daemon right after Laenor’s supposed death, she allows Princess Rhaenys to distance herself and Laenor’s uncle Vaemond to begin challenging Rhaenyra’s children’s claims to the Velaryon titles.

Send Luke alone to Storm’s End

Hoping to secure the loyalty of their sworn allies, the Blacks decide to send Luke and Jace on a dragon to deal with the lords. While it makes sense for a dragon to be more impressive and faster, letting these youngsters go alone to visit potential enemies was risky.

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It turns out that the risk was fatal as Lucerys unexpectedly ran into Aemond in Storm’s End. As one of the biggest rivalries in house of the dragonIt is clear that things will not end well between them. Their encounter led to them fighting over dragons, which resulted in Aemond’s beast killing Lucerys and her dragon, marking the first major casualty of the war between the blacks and the greens.

Leaving Kings Landing

Despite being named Viserys’s heir earlier in the series, Rhaenyra learns that actually taking the throne won’t be that easy. However, she makes that claim even more vulnerable by leaving King’s Landing when things get too intense.

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The Hightowers basically don’t just start acting on behalf of the king while Rhaenyra is away, they can simply crown Aegon as king once Viserys dies. Rhaenyra became so vulnerable leaving behind what she was fighting for.

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