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House of the Dragon: The Saddest Deaths Of Season 1, Ranked

The article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon. The article also contains discussions of of the dragonSeason 1 of ended with one of the best ratings since game of Thrones, and fans can reflect not only on the quality of the series, but also on the characters they have come to know so well and lost so quickly. Despite not spending too much time with each character, Season 1 had plenty of major deaths that struck an emotional chord with audiences and other characters alike.

Even some deaths that fans knew were coming were executed in such a way as to leave audiences heartbroken, a testament to the show’s acting and writing thus far. Meanwhile, those blind to the books were shocked and saddened by the multiple deaths of the main characters.

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9/9 Laenor Velaryon

Laenor Velaryon did not actually die in house of the dragon – a change of the fire and blood book – but his death remained important and affected characters who did not know he survived.

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Although fans were relieved that Laenor was still alive and gained her freedom, it remains a sore subject for her parents, Rhaenys and Corlys, who had just lost their daughter. Losing both children in a matter of days is heartbreaking, and it broke people’s hearts to see her desperation, especially seeing Laenor’s supposedly charred body.

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8/9 mrs rhea royce

Daemon Targaryen’s status as this hideous yet fascinating individual was immediately established in house of the dragonbut perhaps the best display of his evil side is when he murders his wife, Lady Rhea Royce.

Fans may not have known her at all, but she deserved better than the death she received. If fans had spent more time with her, Royce’s death might as well have been a real teardrop rather than a bit of a sad one.

7/9 Lord Beesbury and Lord Caswell

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The penultimate episode of the season focused entirely on the rise of the Greens and Aegon II to the Iron Throne. This plot was not met with universal agreement, resulting in the deaths of two people who thought Rhaenyra should have been Queen: Lord Lyman Beesbury and Lord Allun Caswell.

These deaths aren’t necessarily sad because the two characters resonated emotionally with viewers. Rather, they are sad because they were two men trying to do good and right for the kingdom and the wishes of King Viserys, but they met an ugly and undeserved death because of it.

6/9 strong lyonel

Of all his advisors and whispering in his ear, Ser Lyonel Strong had the genuine interests of both King Viserys and the realm in mind when he spoke to the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

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His death was undoubtedly tragic because, unlike most, he was apparently a good man. There’s no denying that his death related to the Harrenhal fire was overshadowed by the other deaths in the episode. Nonetheless, fans were sad to see Strong go, especially supporters of Rhaenyra’s cause who did not want Otto Hightower back in power.

5/9 Laena Velaryon

House Velaryon can’t seem to catch a break in house of the dragon, like deaths, wars and relatives (illegitimate or not) mocked by the masses. One of the worst things that can happen to them is Laena’s death.

The shocking image of her crying and begging Vhagar to burn her and put her out of her misery was heartbreaking as she wanted to die as a dragon rider. She not only deeply affected her parents and children, but her death also impacted the Rebel Prince himself. Fans didn’t get to spend much time with Laena, but they appreciated her loving nature, and it’s a shame her screen time is over.

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4/9 Emma and Baelon Targaryens

House of the Dragon’The first major death/deaths occurred in “Heirs of the Dragon” when Aemma, the wife of King Viserys and the Queen, dies giving birth to Baelon Targaryen, who dies a few days later.

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She immediately came across as a kind, sweet and wise soul who was a great mother and wife to her family. Due to her graceful nature, fans of her connected with her instantly. Her painful death from her fatal procedure was heartbreaking, seeing how she begged for her life and suffered through it all. Also, the scene of her funeral with her son on the pyre brought even more tears and anguish not only to the characters, but also to the viewers, who knew she didn’t deserve it.

3/9 Ser Harwin Strong

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Fans quickly fell in love with Harwin ‘Breakbones’ Strong, not only because of his haunting looks and impressive strength, but also because of his character and his adoration of Rhaenyra. Therefore, many people were distraught when he died, as some believed that he deserved more screen time in house of the dragon.

The fact that he desperately and bravely tried to rescue his father while Harrenhal burned to the ground around him made his death all the more painful to watch. Perhaps the saddest part of all was that he never got to see his children grow up, or protect them and Rhaenyra as he would have until his dying breath.

2/9 King Viserys Targaryen

It’s a testament to Paddy Considine’s wonderful performance, a sure bet for awards season nominations, that fans knew all season Viserys would die, but were still saddened when it finally happened. He tried at all times to be good and honorable, so that he can be remembered as someone who continued the legacy of peace and fostered the Targaryen dynasty.

He made mistakes that led to the Dance of the Dragons and died a tragic figure, who simply wanted his family together and the kingdom in peace. He will be lost to history as someone who was as good as a king morally, but he will be considered an incompetent ruler in house of the dragon. As the King succumbs to his failing health, the saddest thing about his death is how he mourned and loved Aemma with her dying breath, “my love.”

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1/9 Lucerys Velaryon (and Arrax)

Non-book readers were rightly horrified when Vhagar and Aemond killed little Lucerys Velaryon and her dragon Arrax, the final and arguably saddest death of the season. The worst part is seeing Rhaenyra’s face in the final moments, full of pain, anguish and revenge for learning of the murder of her son.

Luke was a sweet, innocent, loyal boy who adored his family and wanted to do the best he could for them, even if he felt he wasn’t good enough. Suffering from brutal and unfair fashion hit a lot of fans, especially considering how house of the dragon it showed Rhaenyra’s affection for her second child. Luke clearly didn’t deserve it as he was terrified in his final moment, and it all happened because none of the riders were able to control his dragons in the ensuing fight.

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