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How The Way Of Water’s Opening Weekend Box Office Compares To Avatar 1’s

The release of the box office numbers for the opening weekend of Avatar: The Path of Water has led many to wonder how they compare to the original 2009 film. The original Avatar it was a box office phenomenon upon its original release and broke many records. Due to a series of re-releases, Avatar it remains the highest-grossing film of all time, with many questioning whether the second film can live up to the great feats of its predecessor.

With the growing budget of Avatar: The Path of Water, the movie has seen many different reports about how much the movie needs to make in order to break even and, in turn, make a profit. While the official number for this is still unclear, Disney and avatar 2 director james cameron will be waiting water path works similar to the original Avatar for it to be considered a success and lead to the other three sequels the filmmaker has planned. Here is how Avatar: The Path of Water performed in its opening run both globally and domestically, and how it compares to 2009 Avatar.

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The Way Of Water vs Avatar 1 Domestic Opening Weekend Gross

Avatar and Avatar 2 Box Office Money

Avatar: The Path of Water the gross opening weekend is perhaps more interesting compared to avatars at the national level The first Avatar, considering the movie’s mammoth worldwide total as of 2022, opened lower than many might expect. On his first weekend, Avatar grossed a total of just over $77 million in domestic territories, making it the second-highest-grossing December release behind solo I’m legend. avatar 2 the box office, by comparison, earned a domestic weekend gross of $134 million, nearly double the original film’s tally. Despite this improvement, the sequel still opened below expectations, with box office tracking predicting the film to earn between $145 and 179 million in its domestic opening weekend.

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The Way Of Water vs Avatar 1 Global Opening Weekend Gross

avatar waterway jake sully box office

Like the first movie, Avatar: The Path of Water The global opening weekend was a vast improvement over the domestic release. In terms of 2009 Avatarthe film made $241.6 million after five days, meaning its worldwide opening weekend was $164.6 million discounting the $77 million earned domestically. Avatar: The Path of Water it saw a similar trend in that its global opening was much more successful than its national one. the path of water it earned an additional $300.5 million in its worldwide opening weekend, bringing the film’s total to $434.5 million when combined with the domestic gross of $134 million, making it avatar 2 Box office opening a success.

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What Avatar: The Way Of Water’s Opening Weekend Means For Your Box Office Hopes

Avatar on the way to the water ticket office

What the opening weekend numbers mean for avatar 2 Overall box office hopes are difficult to fully quantify due to the original film. While the worldwide box office opening of avatar 2 is almost twice as much as the first movie, the original avatars success came on the legs it had at the box office, allowing it to become the highest-grossing movie of all time by continually running week after week.

Weather avatar 2 Opening weekend box office is impressive, with the second-highest global opening weekend of 2022 trailing only doctor strange 2 impressive box office opening, the film’s budget means that this alone still cannot be called a success. However, if avatar 2 somewhat similar to its predecessor, the film will continue to run in subsequent weekend releases over the Christmas period. Since there will be no major releases in the months after avatar 2 launch, it will be relatively undisputed until February 2023 at the earliest.

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However, many 2022 movies have seen impressive releases with reduced longevity at the box office. It is not clear if avatar 2 will follow this trend or that of the modern anomaly of Top Gun: Maverick that saw a blockbuster that lasted for months. Regardless, the first weekend of Avatar: The Path of Water It’s still a hit, however its subsequent earnings will determine whether the film as a whole will be a success after factoring in its incredibly high budget.

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