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How To Get The Starhorse Mask in Destiny 2

To get the majestic Starhorse skin in Destiny 2, players need to spend their silver in the in-game cash store known as the Eververse Market.

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The Starhorse mask is a mask ornament in Destiny 2 which grants its bearer the head of a celestial-style blue horse. For decades, the horsehead mask has been a staple for humorous memes and witty online videos, and now Guardians can also wear the horseheaded magnificence of the Starhorse mask on Destiny 2. This skin, including several others, is featured in exclusive rewards from the ongoing Festival of the Lost, an event that runs until November 8, 2022. So,


Unlike most festival items and rewards in Festival of the Lost for 2022, the Starhorse skin cannot be obtained through gameplay or in any instances. Specifically, the only way to unlock the Starhorse Mask in Destiny 2 it is through the Eververse. In this in-game cash shop, cosmetics and other items can be purchased using a premium currency known as silver. Silver cannot be converted from real-world money, but can be purchased through packs. For example, 500 Silver is worth approximately $5 and 2,000 Silver can be purchased for $40.

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A community-run site known as TodayInDestiny diligently researches the current and future prices of items on the Eververse marketplace. Accordingly, this site claims that the in-game price of the Starhorse Mask at Destiny 2 it is 400 Silver, which is equivalent to around 4 USD. Since there is no bundle that costs this lesser sum, players will need to get the 500 Silver bundle to make this purchase.

Use the Starhorse mask in Destiny 2

Yes Destiny 2 fans don’t want to spend their silver on the Starhorse mask, this is a wise decision as this Mark Ornament has no other purpose than being a cosmetic item. In other words, players cannot use the Starhorse skin to increase or modify their stats, nor will they be granted any unique perks with the adornment.

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However, Gamepur claims that using the Starhorse Mask in Destiny 2 yields Candy, the main currency of the Festival of the Lost event. This mechanic is not unique to the Starhorse skin, as there are other festive skins that can be used to acquire candy during event activities, such as the Haunted Sector playlist instances in Destiny 2. Candy can be used to acquire event-related rewards, such as Eva’s Mystery Grab Bags, which can contain rare loot such as Glimmer or legendary weapons and armor. Therefore, those who use Silver from her to acquire the Starhorse Mask should make sure to use it during the Festival of the Lost to earn Candy.

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Sources: TodayInDestiny | gamepur

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