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How To Switch Party Members In Dragon Quest Treasures

The monsters recruited in Dragon Quest Treasures form the team of the player’s party during the exploration of Draconia and can be changed at any time.

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Dragon Quest Treasures allows players to recruit various monsters and form an adventuring party that explores the vast region of Draconia, while also allowing ambitious treasure hunters to switch out these creatures at will before embarking on new quests. As players battle enemies throughout the game, many can offer their services to the protagonists, Mia and Erik, in exchange for particular items that can be found in the world. New monsters provide support in battle, aid in treasure hunting, and various specializations unique to their traits encourage players to experiment with party structure to bring out their potential.


Whether players plan to change the rare rainbow-shaped monsters or the special named creatures they meet during the events of Dragon Quest’ Treasures story, they must first explore the monster after defeating it in battle. Monsters are not considered available to join the player’s party until they receive a specific requested item, with beasts named like the pink slime Oozabella being the exceptions, as they join without any incentive. Fortunately, there are no gameplay differences related to playing as Mia or Erik as the party leader for monster recruitment, and players can switch between them at the same time. simply by talking to the other protagonist in his base of operations.

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How to change party members in Dragon Quest Treasures

Dragon Quest Treasures Party Membership Change from Main Pool of Available Recruited Creatures

Players can change party members. at your base of operationsaccessing your list by talking to miss cecilia, which happens to be close to the same place where Mia or Erik can be selected as the main protagonist. strongest monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures they are indicated through the rarity of the color of their frames that players can see when browsing through which ones to choose for their party. Although players can only have three monsters at a time, there are no limits to how many they can recruit, especially when a higher party reputation has monsters requesting to be part of the crew without needing to be defeated in battle.

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Monsters have visible stats that help players decide which ones are best for certain treasure explorations in Draconia. Each creature has a capacity for the treasure it can carry, as well as special abilities. Powerful that help players traverse certain biomes that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Players who wish to travel to all the islands of Dragon Quest Treasures you should consider changing your party members to give the best advantage not only against enemies lurking in the wild, but also taking into account the circumstances these monsters can help you overcome.

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    Players will return to the legendary Dragon Quest franchise in Dragon Quest Treasures, an action RPG spin-off launching exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Players take on the roles of Erik and Mia, siblings who yearn for a life of adventure while trapped on a Viking ship. When the two brothers encounter a pair of unique creatures known as Porcus and Purrsula, they are taken to a magical land called Draconia. Now given the chance to make their dreams come true, Erik and Mia will travel across the country in search of treasure and build their own unique home. Players will recruit monsters to join them and use their unique abilities and team up with them in action-packed combat as they hunt for treasure to sell and upgrade their new home when it launches on December 9, 2022.

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