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How & Why Shanae Ankney Brought ‘Shanae 2.0’ To Bachelor In Paradise

Shanae Ankney was one of the most notorious female villains to ever appear on The Bachelorbut now he reveals how and why he wanted to bring “Shanae 2.0” to the beaches of Mexico when it appeared in single in paradise season 8. in The BachelorShanae unapologetically did whatever she felt was necessary to get the attention of leading man Clayton Echard, including sabotaging the other women. She was heavily criticized for making fun of Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD.


During The Bachelor season 26, Shanae and the other women had an argument known as “Shrimpgate”. Shanae accused the women of ignoring her after she cooked shrimp for them. She then tried to manipulate Clayton into believing that she was being bullied. The drama finally moved to the lives of women outside The Bachelor when Genevieve Parisi, one of Shanae’s main rivals, posted a photo of some of the Single season 26 women at Elizabeth’s birthday party posing with a “Fuck Shane” sign provided by the restaurant.

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Genevieve eventually apologized for the post. However, it seemed that the woman’s relationship with Shanae would never develop into friendship. Now in the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, Shanae revealed how and why she wanted to present a new version of herself, “Shanae 2.0” in single in paradise and stay out of any drama.

The definition of Shanae 2.0 in Bachelor In Paradise

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Shanae explained that “Shanae 2.0 is basically the real Shanae that people didn’t get to see on The Bachelor. So I’m definitely looking forward to redemption, but not even redemption to a degree, because I just wanted to be me.” Shanae revealed that this time she would not fall for the trappings of the drama. She said, “I think I was giving it my all and being really true to myself, and people fell in love with me.”

Shanae admitted that when she was dating before her time with Bachelor Nation, she realized she needed to step back and focus on herself. She recognized that in order to increase another person’s happiness, she had to truly love herself. Shanae added, “I’ve never been so confident… I definitely know who I am. I’m in love with myself and happy to have been single for so long.”

Shanae almost rejected the degree in paradise

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Shanae confessed that her first reaction to single in paradise I was “I’m not going to do this.” He explained that he was thinking that The Bachelor I was “horrible,” so she couldn’t imagine that single in paradise it will be fun. However, he said that people told him that single in paradise it’s a very different experience, and she didn’t want to regret it. Shanae felt that she had nothing to lose and she planned to change her image. She said, “So if I was a villain, you won’t see me being a villain this time. Just again, staying true to myself and I really hope people see me for me.”

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Shanae got to know the women of Clayton’s season better

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Shanae said she regrets that she didn’t really get to know the women of The Bachelor during the Clayton season. She shared that she got to know them much more in single in paradiseY “They are very funny and good people.” He admitted that he was worried if he would be given a second chance or if there would be more drama. Ella Shanae didn’t speak to any of the women before she went to Mexico, so she didn’t know exactly who would be there. However, she thought that if she showed women a different side of herself, then there would be no drama between them.

Shanae had a great bachelor experience in paradise

Shanae revealed that she would return to single in paradise Because it was fun. She felt that people thought she was “real” and that they “get your humor” Y “his sensitive side”. She shared that she “I was on my best behavior.” She said there was no drama with her, but there was a lot of drama with the boys. She juggled several men at once, which was difficult for her because she said that she is not good even with one man. Shanae joked, “Everyone thought it was Shanae’s Show on The Bachelor, but I think Bachelor in Paradise is actually Shanae in Paradise. It’s definitely my show.”

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There have been many stories of redemption in single in paradise over the years, but some fans thought there was no way Shanae could make up for the things she said and did in Clayton’s season. However, it seems that she has become more self-aware and perhaps she realized that she was playing more of a character in The Bachelor to be herself. Hopefully, Shanae’s trip in single in paradise will lead Shanae 2.0 to find a path to redemption and love.

single in paradise airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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