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How YouTube’s Ambient Mode Works (And How To Enable It)

Youtube has released a number of new features for users, among which is Ambient Mode. YouTube has updated its app and website with several new features in the recent past to improve the user experience. One of the most notable is the “Most Played” feature that allows users to see which parts of the video have been played most often. It was originally available as an experimental feature for YouTube Premium subscribers, but is now available to all Android, iOS, and web users.


YouTube also offers many more notable features, including native picture-in-picture support, which allows users to continue watching videos in a small floating window while working in other applications. It also offers all the usual features one would expect from a full-featured video streaming platform, such as the ability to adjust the speed of videos, add subtitles or subtitles automatically, and link to a specific point in a video to play it. .

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The latest update to the YouTube app has brought a cleaner design and several new features that the company claims. “They offer a more modern and immersive viewing experience while improving the way users watch videos.” YouTube’s most notable new feature is Ambient Mode, which allows the app’s background color to adapt in real time to match the video. In essence, it offers a similar effect to many smart lighting solutions that can sync up with smart TVs and change their color according to what’s on the screen.

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Enable YouTube Ambient Mode

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Ambient mode will be available on YouTube’s mobile apps and website when in dark mode, and video playlists will also adopt the same color treatment and display more detail about each playlist. To enable ambient mode on YouTube, users simply need to turn on the app’s native dark theme. Using the system theme will also work if the device has dark mode enabled. Basically, the feature will work as long as the YouTube app or website has a dark background. To turn off Ambient Mode, tap your profile picture in the top right corner of the YouTube home screen, go to ‘Settings,’ select ‘ambient mode‘ and turn off the toggle.

Another notable change coming to YouTube is the new design of the ‘Subscribe’ button, which ditches its red and white color scheme and morphs into a white pill-shaped button with black text. The company says the new high-contrast design will make the button easier to find and more accessible to users. YouTube is also tweaking the app’s dark theme to make it even darker. The new dark theme will roll out across the web, mobile apps, and smart TVs.

Next up is the pinch-to-zoom feature that is rolling out to all Android and iOS users effective immediately. It was available as a trial for Premium users for the last few months. Another feature that is already being implemented is “precise search”, which allows users to easily find a specific part of a video. Users can drag or swipe up on a video to display a row of thumbnails, allowing them to access the exact part of the video they want to watch. The feature is available on both YoutubeThe mobile apps and desktop site of .

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