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“I don’t know how many MLAs support Sachin Pilot” :P Chidambaram

New Delhi:

Senior Congress Leader P Chidambaram said on Thursday the party’s crisis in Rajasthan “could have been handled better” but avoided blaming Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, whom he called a “staunch congressman who will always be loyal.”

“The matter is between the Speaker of Congress and Ashok Gehlot, I cannot comment on that. Clearly the situation in Rajasthan could have been handled better. Gehlot has now apologized so the matter is closed,” he told NDTV in a statement. interview.

“There were two observers from Delhi, it was their job to handle it,” he added. “Ashok Gehlot is a staunch congressman. He will always be loyal to the party,” he said, objecting to the party’s Rajasthan crisis being described as a “rebellion.”

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Chidambaram’s comment comes days after an open revolt by Gehlot loyalists over a possible leadership change in the state, involving his rival Sachin Pilot as his replacement, if the main leader becomes head of Congress.

“Ashok Gehlot is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Unless he resigns, there is no vacancy. I can’t say if he will resign. There is a good chance that he will be the Chief Minister and responsible for regaining the state for the party.” Chidambaram said.

“Someone has to be in charge in Rajasthan and lead the party to elections now in 16-17 months,” the senior leader added.

When asked about Sachin Pilot and his reported interest in being appointed as Chief Minister, Mr. Chidambaram said: “I don’t know how many MLAs support Sachin Pilot. I think a candidate for Chief Minister needs to be supported by a significant number of MLAs.” MLA. That’s common sense.”

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