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Thursday, September 29, 2022

I Wore a Different Perfume Every Day for a Month—These 12 Earned Me Compliments

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20220925 143502

Growing up, the bottles of body sprays, lotions, butters, and toilet water lining my bathroom vanity were so much sweeter than a ring full of candy. The Great British Bread Show. My rotation usually included the latest saccharin release from Bath and Body Works; Britney Spears’ fantasy (or Curiosity); The aroma of pure sugar, it is not surprising that it is called Pink Sugar; And anything else like my collection of glossy magazines SeventeenAnd the CosmogirlAnd the Figs are popular It was an advertisement. If it smelled like a baked-frozen cake with sprinkles or a Cinnabon stand at the mall, I’ve been wearing it—without a doubt.

I’ll always love unusually sweet scents, but now, my taste has shifted to warm, woody, spicy, leathery or classic floral blends. However, distinctive sweet notes like vanilla are often at the heart of my all-time favorite fragrances. They are much less powerful. Being a beauty editor and all, I always have a surplus stock of perfume, so I decided to start a little experiment earlier this year. Instead of sticking with my signature fragrances, I went on a perfume wearing spree, if you liked it, wearing a different scent every day for about a month, noting which formulas I liked best and which blends won me the most questions, comments, and compliments. In the review, I noticed something intriguing: All of the first 12 scents had a common and not-so-secret ingredient, vanilla (a result that very much corroborated my hypothesis that vanilla is still relevant after seventh grade and out of the kitchen).

Below, I share the 12 best fragrances I’m currently obsessed with that have never failed to win compliments from strangers and loved ones alike. Keep scrolling! The best vanilla fragrances are waiting for us.

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