‘I’ll be back soon’: One woman’s determination to return to Sudan | Humanitarian Crises

On the morning of April 15, Dallia Abdelmoneim and her family realized that their lives in Khartoum would never be the same after fighting began between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). One week, two commutes, and many, many stressful hours later, they arrived in Port Sudan. From there, everyone will spread out to find safety where they can. This is her story, in her own words.

Now I am in Port Sudan, safe and quiet at my sister Mai’s house after nine days of incredible stress in Khartoum, 800 km (500 miles) to the southwest. Here, in the Red Sea, there is electricity, there is running water, and there are no shots, no planes flying over our heads, no bombs exploding. Last night we were able to sleep a little. The children have calmed down, their resilience is incredible; they have managed to find space to function and are even playing at the moment.

I have no family left in Khartoum, they have all dispersed to whatever safe destination they can reach. They all used to escape to Khartoum. Now, they are all fleeing from Khartoum.

What they are doing, these generals, is not right, nor is the fact that they left us to deal with them and we don’t believe them. We are a punching bag, we have been the punching bag for so long. How long and how much more can we take?

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