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In Puducherry, an eighth grade boy died of poisoning, and his classmates’ mother was arrested

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In Puducherry, an eighth grade boy died of poisoning, and his classmates' mother was arrested

The boy’s mother registered a police complaint, after which the accused was arrested


An eighth-grade student at Karaikal in Puducherry died after drinking a cold drink, allegedly poisoned by his classmates’ mother.

According to Bala Manikandan’s father, Rajendran, an affordable shop worker in Karaikal, his son went to school for the annual rehearsal program on Saturday.

The boy came home in the afternoon and started vomiting. His father said he told his parents that he had been vomiting since he drank a cold drink given to him by the school guard.

Bala was immediately taken to Karikal Governmental Hospital where he died during treatment.

The school told the parents that Bala drank a cold drink that he sent them. “We didn’t give our son any cold drink before he left school,” said the father.

Then the parents inquired about the guard Devadas, who said that someone claiming to be a relative of Bala Manikandan had given him the drink and asked him to pass it on to the boy.

CCTV footage showed that the person who served the drink was Sakaya Rani Victoria, whose children are taught in the same class.

Bala’s mother, Malathi, filed a complaint at Karikal City Police Station, alleging that Sakaya Rani Victoria had poisoned the drink. She was arrested.

Police are investigating whether the woman poisoned the drink due to competition between her children and Bala. The case has been registered.

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