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Iron Man’s Dark Opposite Is Coming To Take Everything From Tony Stark

Iron Man will face off against his dark counterpart as a new villain takes on Tony Stark in an upcoming adventure for the Marvel Comics hero.

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Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ Invincible Iron Man #4

As Tony Stark’s life crumbles before his eyes, Iron Man he will soon face his dark opposite in an upcoming story. In a new preview of invincible iron man #4 of Marvel Comics, teases Iron Man’s upcoming battle against industrialist Feilong, as the billionaire villain will seize control of Stark Industries and attempt to take everything from the hero.

At first glance at invincible iron man #4 by Gerry Duggan and Juan Frigeri of Marvel Comics, Tony Stark will face his dark opposite on Feilong. The billionaire Elon Musk-like villain has previously battled the X-Men, but the new preview reveals he’s coming for Iron Man next. Feilong will immediately cause more chaos in Stark’s already troubled life, as he will reveal himself as the new owner of Stark Industries and all of its technology. Iron Man will be forced to deal with the villain while he buys his empire.

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Feilong is trying to ruin Tony Stark and Iron Man

Feilong is a relatively new villain, debuting in Duggan’s X-Men run in 2021. Feilong is a mutant-hating billionaire whose dream of turning Mars into a new world for humanity was dashed when the X-Men arrived. there first, terraforming the planet and renaming it Arrako. Feilong, who runs Feilong Industries, joined ORCHIS. However, his new role shows that he has focused his attention on obtaining Iron Man’s technology and assets, as he is the new owner of Stark Industries. Considering Marvel is teasing Feilong as Tony Stark’s “dark counterpart,” it wouldn’t be surprising to see him use his technology against the hero. Check out Bob Layton’s variant cover for invincible iron man #4.

Iron Man Cover Art - Feilong Villain

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Feilong taking over Tony Stark’s company and technology is the latest in a long line of problems the hero has faced recently. Between Iron Man losing his great fortune protecting the Marvel Universe, falling off the wagon again, nearly dying in an explosion, and having limited resources, he’s in no shape to deal with a new villain. Feilong, being the dark opposite of Tony Stark, means that Iron Man will need to get creative to match the technology he previously created and used. Take a look at the text request below.

Tony Stark has met his dark counterpart, and his name is Feilong! • This mutant-hating industrialist is the new owner of Stark Unlimited, and that includes all of Tony’s tech! • Can a furious Tony keep his cool or will revenge get the best of him?

At this point, it becomes comical how much bad luck Tony Stark has had recently, but he doesn’t have time to wallow in his losses and defeats while his dark opposite rises up to take all he has. Iron Man will meet with Feilong in invincible iron man #4, which hits comic book stores in March.

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