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It might be time for professional athletes to beef up that safety – or cut back on online bragging

Brian Robinson Jr.

Brian Robinson Jr.
picture: Getty Images

In just under three months, It will be the 15th anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death from a home invasion in South Florida. Physical Sample By any measure, the star of the University of Miami and Washington NFL franchise died of a A gunshot wound at the age of 24.

The 6-foot-2 safety, nicknamed “Meast” because he was half man and half beast, had at least had a long career, and at best he could reach Canton. It was a tragedy still hard to believe given Taylor’s supernatural frontier sport.

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This week, another young NFL football player in our nation’s capital – rookie back-football Brian Robinson Jr. – was shot twice in the lower body during an attempted armed robbery in DC. Through divine intervention or astonishing luck, the lead lost enough vital ligaments, bones and everything else that an Alabama producer might not miss the season and could even return to the field.

During the early hours of Monday morning in Spain, current Chelsea striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was a terrifying target. Robbery of his house outside Barcelona That left him with a broken jaw and his family traumatized. Fortunately, his wife and children were unharmed despite being in the ordeal.

also on monday, Atlanta’s attorney general announced an indictment detailing a series of home invasions It targets Georgia city celebrities and athletes, including Falcons goalkeeper Calvin Ridley and Atlanta United goalkeeper Brad Guzan. Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis alleged that members of the Drug Rich gang search social media for high-profile people who flaunt their fortunes on various platforms and then target them. The crimes in the indictment range from home invasions to kidnappings to armed robbery, shootings and car theft.

Willis gave some advice to people who flaunt shiny and expensive items on Instagram, TikTok, etc.

“I already have a message for the public: Where it’s fun to put your stuff on social media and brag, unfortunately these gangs are getting smarter, and more sophisticated in the way they target you.”

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There was no indication that something similar had happened in the Aubameyang incident, and it seemed like Robinson was just on his way to town to get some food. But they aren’t the only athletes this year who have been targeted like Rays shortstop Wander Franco He collected $650,000 worth of jewelry from his car. Draymond Green had a large number of valuables – Over a million dollars in total His Los Angeles home was ransacked while attending the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in February.

Athletes are easier tags than the anonymous rich because they intentionally attract a large following (for the brand) on social media, and the public knows how much they get paid.

How should they protect themselves?

Dan Manning, CEO of USPA Security, a company that provides services like bodyguards and home defense, recommended athletes (or anyone) looking to protect themselves at home and in public hire a team of professionals for their safety and risk considerations from everything from Clubs to travel routes to restaurants and beyond.

If someone didn’t want security details, he suggested they look at developments in technology, and even introduce an autonomous drone system. However, he said, “It would be very difficult to protect someone in public without a dedicated team.”

Manning also echoed Willis’ feelings about being online. He believes that the social media footprint of your valuables should not exist.

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“If you’re really worried about yourself and those around you, you shouldn’t be advertising the things that people want to take away from you,” Manning said in an interview.

Washington Chiefs head coach Ron Rivera, who is still very good at dealing with that organization, wore an orange shirt during a press conference this week in support of gun safety measures, which raises the issue of players carrying protection themselves.

More guns seems like a bad idea, and one can’t help but remember incidents like Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg, Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton dragging pieces in the locker room, and all the athletes who got the guns charged.

“Only highly trained and constantly trained people should carry firearms,” ​​Manning said. “People who are inexperienced in the use of firearms become responsible to those around them if they choose to carry them.”

Far from me telling professional athletes how to spend their money, or use social media, but it seems like a bodyguard or two is a good investment if the athletes don’t want to * inhalation * Make their feeds private.

With the rate of these crimes happening lately, it seems like it’s not a question of whether a catastrophe similar to Taylor would happen again but instead. Whether it’s increased security detailing, Ring’s most advanced ever system, a silent online presence, or keeping their money in escrow (if that’s how you operate), it’s clear that extra focus needs to be placed on being less vulnerable.

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