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‘It’s just like the ocean here now’: Indonesia’s flooded villages

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Rice fields were swept away. Coconut trees and chili plants, which were inundated with salt water, died. Farmers’ aquariums fail, and the water is so high that fish swim over the nets. Garbage, carried by the tides, floats in and out of homes with doors that can no longer be closed.

On the northern coast of Central Java, Indonesia, villages have been hit hard as sea levels have risen, one of the many effects of climate change. The occupants had to raise their homes several feet with cement or dirt so that the sea water would not enter. Others are only accessible when the tide is low, locking people inside for hours at a time.

Many villagers fled the area, becoming climate migrants looking for a new life in drier places and higher than sea level. Others remained in their flooded homes – some by choice, but many because they lacked the money to move.

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