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James Cameron and Jon Landau to Receive Voices for the Earth Award

Director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau are scheduled to accept the Voices for the Earth Award from the Advanced Imaging Society and for their groundbreaking Avatar: The Path of Water. The award will be presented to Academy Award-winning filmmakers at the 13th annual AIS Lumiere Awards on February 10 at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

“The first of James Cameron and Jon Landau Avatar revolutionized motion picture technology 13 years ago,” said AIS President Jim Chabin. “With Avatar: The Path of Water, these masters of cinema have once again left us amazed with magnificent characters and stories, but also with reminders of how fragile life and ecosystems are. We are delighted to honor them and this epic film for being ‘Voices for Earth’ for millions of movie fans around the world.”

The Voices For The Earth award recognizes “innovation and inspiration in environmental storytelling and recognizes creatives who have found a unique approach to strengthen audience appreciation for nature and illustrate the importance of caring for our shared planet.” Adam McKay received the inaugural Voices for the Earth Award in 2022 for his film Don’t look up. President Kathleen Rogers noted that in 2010, her group joined forces with Cameron to plant one million trees in vulnerable areas around the world, marking the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the launch of Avatar. “Now, more than a decade later, the world is experiencing avatar: the path of water, another extraordinary film focusing on our deep, spiritual connections to nature. This extraordinary experience will inspire millions of people to support the protection of water, the very basis of life for all species. We are proud to present this award to a dedicated movie genius who also shares a deep love for our planet and its species,” he said.

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