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Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Talks “Do Revenge” Music, Working With Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke, and More

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20220925 192756

NOW: The soundtrack and the music in get revenge they are amazing and make the movie feel like a throwback to the classic 90’s teen movies that everyone loves. What was it like choosing the music for the film?

Yes it is [Haim] and Amanda [Yamate] he composed the soundtrack for the film, and working with them was incredible. We needed something that felt like it could live inside all the needle drops, of which there are plenty. That baseline, that amazing baseline with the Drea and Eleanor theme, it’s so good. Have a baseline of Este Haim in his film as a score? Like, iconic.

As for the soundtrack, I worked with Rob Lowry, our music supervisor, and he was amazing. I remember growing up and liking Barnes & Noble or Best Buy and buying iconic teen movie soundtrack CDs, and I wanted that feeling. I wanted the feeling of ripping the plastic off a CD and devouring each song. I wanted get revenge to feel like this

Having Muna and Billie Eilish on a movie soundtrack is pretty remarkable. You did.

Thank you! I was really crazy about the songs. I was like, every song has to be perfect and every song has to be more perfect than the last song. I really wanted every moment of the movie to be like, “Oh my God! This?! Oh my God! THIS?! No, this is my favorite! No, THIS is my favorite!” ” If that’s how people feel, then I’ve done my job.

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