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John Lineker praises Fabricio Andrade for bringing him into his fight

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John Lineker vs. Fabricio Andrade was a highly anticipated matchup for ONE on Prime Video 3 and delivered on all of his hype for the duration of the fight.

Despite coming to an unfortunate end when the fight was stopped due to an unintentional illegal knee, the two and a half rounds played made up for the no-contest result.

Fabricio Andrade rose to the occasion and had the best of the contest while it lasted, coming face to face with the ferocious Lineker. After his match, ‘Hands of Stone’ praised his opponent in an interview with ONE Championship:

“I knew that Fabricio was a very tough guy. I always said that he was very talented in my interview, so I was expecting a tough fight. I couldn’t find myself at the beginning of the fight, but I didn’t expect anything other than a war against him.”

Lineker was forced to deal with Andrade to recover after he was hurt in the first round, but then continued to hunt down the ‘Wonder Boy’.

Fabricio Andrade’s long-distance punches allowed him to threaten Lineker’s relentless style, and when the former world champion tried to close the distance in the third round, Andrade hurt him with a knee to the body.

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The follow-up shot, which could have ended the fight, landed low to Lineker’s groin. After a period of recovery after the strike, it was clear that he could no longer continue the fight.

Fans react to the controversial Fabricio Andrade-John Lineker fight that ended in ONE on Prime Video 3

Fabricio Andrade vs. John Lineker kept his promise of being a fan delight until his controversial end.

After two and a half rounds of potentially decisive strikes, Andrade caught Lineker with an unintentional illegal knee that landed just below Lineker’s belt line.

After a five-minute recovery period, Lineker said he could not continue the fight and having missed the weight going into ONE on Prime Video 3, the title is now vacant.

Without ONE Bantamweight Champion and no definitive winner, fans took to Instagram and Twitter to vent their frustrations and call for a rematch between the former champion and Fabricio Andrade:

“Lineker got lucky there. Because he’s not eligible to win because he didn’t make weight. He also has been surpassed by Fabricio. We want a revengehhh immediately!!!! 🔥”

“The knee was illegal, but Lineker knew he was losing and he knew he was close to getting a KO or a TKO. I think he took the easy way out here. Guy should have been a warrior and not act. He is Sterling/Yan again.”

“Fabricio won the fight! That’s BS’s first knee was so powerful and the second almost everyone was able to back up and recover but John didn’t recover from the first knee and used the second as an excuse! He knew that he had lost a fight!”

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