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Kang’s Power Sets Up A Major Missed Iron Man Arc (& That’s A Good Thing)

With Tony Stark’s death, the MCU will lose the opportunity for a Kang and Iron Man arc, but ultimately this will be better for the future of the MCU.

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kang the conqueror and Iron Man could have had an interesting arc in the MCU based on Kang’s “powers”, but it’s a good thing the story doesn’t happen. A version of Kang the Conquerer first appeared in Loki, but a different version will serve as the main villain for the next phase of the MCU. This Kang will debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

In the comics, Kang is a 31st-century descendant of the Fantastic Four’s time-traveling father, Reed Richards, Nathaniel Richards. Kant uses time travel technology to jump through history, reinventing himself several times and conquering Earth. Notably, Kang has no superpowers. His super strength, speed, and other abilities come from his suit, which was built with 40th century technology. Though unconfirmed, the source of Kang’s powers in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania it will probably also come from his high-tech suit.


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How Kang’s Iron Man Parallels Could Help Build The Future Of The MCU

Tony Stark and Kang in the MCU

Kang’s intelligence and suit parallel Iron Man, making him something of an anti-Iron Man. Although he appears after the two are able to meet, that’s better for the MCU. Kang will show how intellect, ego, and access to advanced technology could have turned Tony Stark into a villain instead of a hero. While there have been similar villains in the MCU, such as the villains of the Iron Man movies and Darren Cross in Ant Man“Most of them weren’t as smart as Tony or Kang.

These villains also did not develop their own technology and neither became a major villain in the Marvel franchise. That position is usually reserved for aliens and gods. Kang will walk the line between man and god, acting as a dark mirror for Iron Man and setting up an interesting future for the MCU where the Avengers will have to face off against villains more like themselves.

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Why Iron Man Missing Out On A Kang Arc Is Good For His Legacy

Tony is in his Mark 1 suit and Riri Williams in her Ironheart suit.

With Tony Stark dead as of Avengers Endgame, the MCU misses out on the possibility of a matchup between Kang and Iron Man. This might be a missed opportunity, but it sets up a better story about Tony’s legacy. When the remaining active Avengers and other superheroes encounter Kang, they will be forced to face a villain who reminds them of Tony and whom Tony could possibly have defeated, making his death all the more tragic.

Kang’s Iron Man parallels also give Riri Williams aka Ironheart a chance to shine. She will be able to follow in Iron Man’s footsteps, showing the positive aspects of advanced technology combined with natural talents. The stakes will also be higher with Riri, because she doesn’t have the years of experience that Tony did. She won’t be able to bring down Kang the Conqueror alone, but she will carry on Iron Man’s legacy in the MCU and offer hope to the other heroes.

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