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Kim K mocked Pete for wearing hoodies on red carpets and called him a “diva” for having a stylist

If, like me, you’re still mourning Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s split, then this week’s episode of The Kardashians It might ease the pain a bit.

With each new installment of season 2, we expect more and more a cameo from our favorite. saturday night live alum, and though he didn’t show up this week, *crowd jeers*, we got a little insight into the adorable relationship between him and Kim.

So, in Episode Six, we follow the Kardashian sisters as they hit the red carpet for the show’s Season 1 premiere.

If you can remember April, when the premiere took place, you’ll remember that Kim and Pete’s relationship was stronger than ever: They got over their public feud with Kanye West, Pete had recently been photographed dating Kim’s daughter. , North: things were going well.

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Of course, the next logical step was for Kim and Pete to finally make their red carpet debut, and the kardashian Premiere seemed like the perfect place to do it.

Before the big night, we went behind the scenes with Kim as she got ready for the red carpet with the help of her glam outfit.

Also on hand to lend a hand was producer Danielle King, who, from behind the camera, questioned Kim about who her date might be.

Rolling an eye directly at the camera in response, Kim reluctantly spills the tea. “Pete is actually my date and I’m excited,” she says, a smile on her face.

Eager for answers, Danielle proceeds to ask if this will be her official red carpet debut, prompting Kim to set the record straight.

“We’re not going to do the red carpet,” she says, before explaining that she’ll be walking alongside her sisters. “This is my thing, so it will support,” she adds.

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But while he wouldn’t be posing for the cameras alongside Kim, we quickly learn that Pete will soon be arriving at Kim’s house to start his own glam process.

As Mario works on Kim’s makeup, a woman makes her way through the back room. Hi, I’m Sidney! she says as Kim greets her. I’m getting Pete ready.

Barely a second after Sydney has left the room, Kim turns to Mario with a smile on her face. “Who knew she was a diva?” she jokes “A grooming team?! Styling team? A tailor?!”

Being the organized queen that she is, Kim heads back to work and sends Pete a voice note letting him know it’s time to get ready. “Your styling team is ready for a test,” she says into her phone.

“Isn’t that funny?” he adds, before dragging Pete’s notoriously laid-back approach to red-carpet style. “I thought it would go with a hoodie.”

After all that time and effort, Pete attends the premiere, in a suit no less, but chooses to remain firmly on the sidelines without appearing on camera once.

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Of course, for many fans, the lack of Pete content, particularly when we know he’s present while the cameras are rolling, can be a bit frustrating.

However, as she has before, Kim took the time on this week’s episode to offer fans an explanation for her boyfriend’s conspicuous absence.

“When the camera is ready for him, it’s like a skit or a role. It is not what he does, ”he explains in his confessional.

“Obviously I’m going to talk about what’s going on in my life, and he’s part of it, but I also respect that this is like my job, and this is not his job,” she adds, before assuring us that we can still wait to see. a glance here and there.”

Speaking of glimpses, Kim’s playful banter wasn’t the only adorable insights we got into their relationship this week.

Earlier in the episode, we joined Kim, Khloé, Kris, Kourtney and Kendall as they prepare for their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live.

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When the interview first aired in April, Jimmy really put Kim on the spot, exposing her for a huge delivery she received before the cameras started rolling.

“We had to carry a huge bouquet of flowers that Pete sent here for you,” the host revealed, prompting a big smile from Kim.

And now, we’ve been given more details about Pete’s sweet gesture, including the note he left on Kim’s dresser.

As Kim frantically prepares, she suggests that the camera crew shoot a video of her “pretty flowers,” which leads us to a shot of a huge bouquet of roses on a coffee table.

The camera then zooms in on a white card lying in front of the flowers, which reads, “Congratulations on your new show and season! I am so incredibly happy for you and proud of you!”

The note is lovingly signed “Aladdin,” which, of course, is a reference to the SNL sketch where Kim and Pete kissed for the first time.

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Well, if we weren’t missing Kim and Pete enough, this episode has me crossing my fingers for a reunion! And with reports that the pair are still “in touch,” there’s every reason to be hopeful.

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