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Lady Gaga’s tattoo: All you need to know about Superstar’s body art

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lady gaga It is all about the visual presentation. When the 36-year-old pop star/actress debuted on the scene with her single “Just Dance” in 2008, what followed was an invitation to all the Hollywood A-list events, resulting in a host of headline-grabbing costumes. Which soon solidified her reputation as a true artist. From dresses made of raw meat to bras that set off fireworks, Lady Gaga turned red carpets into her personal runway for individual expression.

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Lady Gaga tattoos shutter mbed 1 1
Lady Gaga has more than 24 tattoos on her body. (stock struggle)

The star – his real name Stefani Joanne Germanotta – she will end up diverting her talents to find creative outlets towards her; This time in the form of body art. The “Born This Way” singer has a variety of tattoos. Some of them are noticeable, while others are sometimes hidden. They include tributes to family members, fans, and some of her favorite projects she’s ever worked on. Let’s unpack Gucci House Glorious star ink, below!

monster bao

Let’s start with one of the tattoos that Gaga has described as a past favorite. And because she has always held a special place in her heart for her fans, who have dubbed her “Little Monsters,” it is fitting that she pays tribute to them. In 2014, the singer got a “monster claw” on the left side of her back. She told a fan during reddit forum. “I cherish it for its meaning and the loyalty, dedication and strength we share. I wanted to engrave it on me forever.”

mother monster

Of course, her “little beasts” have a name for the queen herself: “mother beast.” To solidify the moniker, Gaga added the phrase “Mother Monster” with lace detailing to a large chunk of body real estate that runs from the rib cage to the armpit.

little monsters

To honor her legion of stans full circle, Gaga had a “Little Monsters” tattoo in the line near her left elbow in 2010. At the time, she took Twitter To show off the piece, write, “Look what you did last night. Forever little monsters, on the arm holding the microphone.”

Joe Germanotta

Gaga’s father played a huge role in her life and she made sure to take a piece of it wherever she goes on her travels around the world. On her left shoulder, she got the most beautiful tattoo in the form of a heart with the word “Dad” inside.

Aunt Joan

There is no doubt about Aunt Gaga Juan Stefani Germanotta She holds a special place in the singer’s heart, as she was inspired to name her 2016 album after the relative. Around that time, her aunt’s signature was signed on her forearm. “I got a tattoo on my arm with her actual signature,” she wrote on Instagram along with a photo of the tattoo. “My dad got one too. With an angel on his shoulder.”

Gaga didn’t stop there for her homage, signing the date “12-18-1974” on her forearm, marking the day her aunt died of lupus at the age of 19.

mouse sister

In another family homage, Gaga gave a stunning shout-out to her fashion designer sister Natalie, who nicknamed her “The Mouse.” On the back of her arm, Gaga has a cartoon mouse that threads a sewing needle with the word “nat” at the end of the thread.

Rainer Maria Rilke Quote

Early in her career, Gaga traveled to Japan where she decided to commission one of her greatest tattoos: a quote from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke from the author Letters to a young poet. The words in German spiral script translate to: “In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you will die if you are forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where its roots lie, answer, and ask yourself, Do I have to write?”


To celebrate her album born this way, Gaga went with a unicorn tattoo on her left thigh. She explained its importance during an interview with Big Top Show 40 In 2011. “I had a few ponies. I was obsessed with the idea of ​​a creature born with something magical that made it kind of out of place in the stallion world. I’m actually pretty obsessed with unicorns.” “They are, at their core, a mythical creature. A unicorn was born magical and it’s not a unicorn’s fault and it doesn’t make him more or less special or less special, but it can’t help that he was born with that magic.”

David Bowie

Lady Gaga tattoos shutter mbed 2 1
Lady Gaga had a picture of David Bowie tattooed on it after his death. (stock struggle)

A month after a rock icon David Bowie He died in January 2016, and Gaga immortalized him with a photo of his face tattooed on the left side of her rib cage. A few days later, she took to the podium at the Grammys to pay tribute to David. “When I fell in love with David Bowie, when I was living on the Lower East Side, I always felt that his glamor was something he used to convey a message to people that was very much healing to their souls,” she told Hollywood. reporter before the show. “He’s a real, real artist and I don’t know if I’ve ever gone, ‘Oh, I’ll be this way,’ or if I’ve gotten to it slowly, and realize it was my calling and that’s what she directed me to,” she said. The Hollywood Reporter before the awards show.


In 2012, Gaga went with another fan-inspired tattoo, this time in honor of the city of Rio de Janeiro. “R† O. Monsters, all over the world you still inspire me every day, you are like an endless ocean of possibilities,” she wrote on Twitter At the time, before explaining how it appeared in a follow-up tweet. “The font is drawn from the autographs of three fans, all from different neighborhoods and ages,” she said. “It represents how music brings us something more.”


Inspired by the 1917 book The Ornamentation Guide, a tattoo was drawn on the back of her head. And it all came down to a live audience at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in New York while she was launching Fame. Tattoo artist Mark Mahoney described the design as “a kind of Renaissance affliction,” making it “a nod to her Italian heritage,” according to daily Mail.

Tony Bennett trumpet

Gaga’s good friend and longtime collaborator, Tony Bennett, is said to have designed the trumpet art that now sits on his right bicep. She premiered the masterpiece on Instagram, captioning it, “Bennedetto. Tony is an artist.”

Sexual assault survivor symbol

for the 2015 documentary hunting groundGaga co-wrote the song “Til It Happens to You,” which ended up performing at the Academy Awards where she was nominated. About two dozen sexual assault survivors joined her on stage during the delivery; one of them Jackie LynnDesign tattoo. Gaga put the art on her left shoulder.

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flowering life

As a tribute to her work on A star is born, who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, Gaga had a very large tattoo of an inked rose on her back the length of her spinal cord. In the movie, the famous Gaga performs Edith Piaf song in the pub. Legend says that Bradley Cooper I watched Gaga perform the song at a charity event and knew it would be perfect for the movie!

GAGA music notes

If only everyone could have such a creative way to get a tattoo on themselves! Gaga had an orchestra that had four notes written in Gaga’s handwriting on her right arm. She originally only had four lines in the crew, but she corrected it by adding a fifth after that.


Among her countless tattoos, Gaga also has a peace sign, daisies, daisies, roses, an ARTPOP album, a clef treble, and another that reads “Love Tokyo”. There is no doubt that Gaga’s collection will continue to grow. And the Hollywood Live Will keep you informed of any new developments!

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