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Larissa Lima announces a new job, a new outfit that catches the eye

Larissa Lima finally got approved for her green card this year. She also made around $1 million on OnlyFans.

On the other hand, Larissa’s surgeon effectively stole her belly button during a botched tummy tuck.

right Now , fiancé 90 days The legend is back.

And she has a new job!

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0901 larissalima 01
Larissa Lima announces a new job, a new outfit that catches the eye 92

On Thursday, September 1, Larissa Lima took to social media to show off the latest version of her torso.

“Lovers are back!” announced.

“She is recovering slowly,” Larissa said, “and very happy with Dr. Smith’s results.”

0804 larissalima 01
Larissa Lima flaunts her enhanced body in an eye-catching turquoise dress. Green is definitely her color! One of them anyway.

Larisa asked him: “Don’t complain about my clothes.”

“I will soon be working as a bottle girl on a Las Vegas night,” she explained.

Larissa said in detail: “Then, this will be my uniform. Any idea where I will work?”

0901 larissalima ig 01
Larissa Lima announces a new job, a new outfit that catches the eye 93

As you can see, ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols, who is still her boyfriend and roommate (who rents a room from her), gave the post a “like.”

While “Bottle Girl” may sound like a D-list superhero or perhaps slanderous to a genie, it’s slang for a bottle-serving waitress.

The job is basically a cocktail server in a more expensive organization. A little bit Wear a uniform just like Larissa.

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0804 larissalima tiktok 02
Larissa Lima celebrated her success with a TikTok video.

Larissa lived in Colorado Springs for about a year before returning to Las Vegas.

Simply put, I hated life in Colorado. It did not fit into the atmosphere of the city. She got seasonal depression very bad.

Also, every time I tried to go on a date, the guy wanted to go for a walk. Nightmare feed.

0718 larissalima 02
Larissa Lima announces a new job, a new outfit that catches the eye 94

On the plus side, I continued to rake the dough on OnlyFans and Cameo.

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In fact, Larissa shared her total earnings of $1 million on OnlyFans.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she has that kind of criticism. She reinvested a small fortune in surgeries, fashion, and more.

0804 larissalima 02
Larissa Lima wore this barely-there cobalt outfit. Is it swimwear? Is it underwear? Your guess is as good as ours.

It’s unclear if taking on this job as a bottle girl is necessary. Our guess…maybe not.

The most likely scenario is that she received an offer that was too good to be missed.

We should also mention that Larissa can be very outgoing. Yes, she loves to stay in and play Elden Ring, but she’s also a fun person and has a way with people.

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Larissa Lima appears on Instagram
Legendary 90-Day Fiancé Larissa Lima showed off her enhanced bust on Instagram in a photo that’s hard to miss.

Larissa spent two years changing her body using plastic surgeries.

It is clear that she has undergone multiple breast enhancements to reach her current proportions.

However, the tummy tuck operation faced a serious obstacle. She completely lost her navel.

0718 larissalima ig 02
Larissa Lima announces a new job, a new outfit that catches the eye 95

Simply put, it is a horror story. But her belly button now looks full.

We are glad that Larisa was able to find her way in life.

As we have all seen fiancé 90 daysHer journey in America had a rough start.

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