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Late Foo Fighters Rockstar’s son Taylor Hawkins plays drums at Dad’s place at Emotional Band in London – The Hourly News

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20220925 122608

Teenage son of the late fu fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins He climbed behind the group on Saturday night to honor his father – and gave fans in attendance at the band’s show an incredibly emotional moment.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Taylor has been honored by his loving family after his untimely death in March. But sure, this is one of the strongest public acclaims we could possibly imagine.

performance decreased in Wembley Stadium In London on Saturday night. Dave Grohl The rest of the Foo Fighters were performing when Taylor’s 16-year-old son was Oliver Shane Hawkins He went out to join the group.

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In an exciting moment on stage, Shin chose the percussion role for my hero. Grohl was so emotional on stage, he cried as he watched the teenage scientist honor his fallen father.

You can see the powerful moment happening in the vid (below):


Online, fans quickly picked up on the initial emotion evident on the field as it traveled across the screen. Here are just a few of the thousands and thousands of reactions that have appeared Twitter Throughout Saturday night (below):

“In case you need an ugly cry this morning”

This child is playing with all his soul.

“This boy held him together to do it for his daddy and damn it, he just stopped working. Rest in peace.”

“One of the great moments in rock history.”

“I literally can’t stop watching this. Shane literally gave everything he had for his dad and the whole group watches him with amazing admiration.”

“I don’t know how they did it… I would have cried uncontrollably watching a short behind me.”

I watched this many times last night.

It was a star-studded tribute show in many ways. Musicians love Paul McCartneyAnd the Travis ParkerAnd the queen‘s Brian May And the Roger TaylorAnd many were on stage all evening. Even comedians Dave Chappelle And the Chris Rock They were there!

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Parker climbed behind the drum set to claimant And the monkey wrenchas you can see below):


However, Shane stole the show by following in his talented father’s footsteps. our hearts!!

There will be a second tribute concert in Taylor’s honor later this month at El Lay as well. These shows are definitely an emotional rollercoaster for Grohl and the rest. But as you can see from the footage of this event, it is powerful and healing for fans who mourned the loss of a talented drummer.

Readers’ rave reactions?

[Image via Team Coco/YouTube/Variety/Twitter]

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