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Lawyer Says Drake Should Explain Megan Thee Stallion’s Doubt Given ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence Against Tory Lanez

Megan Thee Stallion’s lawyer had words for anyone who doubts that Tory Lanez he shot his client in July 2020.

“[Megan is] a young superstar who has risen to the top very fast, and it’s at a time when a community, people and fellow artists really should be behind her. She is the victim here,” her attorney Alex Spiro said. TMZ on November 4. “I say this as words of caution, and I know a lot of people in the industry, but those people are going to look very dumb when the facts come out here, very dumb. And it’s going to be worrying, and it’s going to be a stain that will stay with them.”

Spiro’s comments are a response to conversations on social media on Friday about Drake apparently shading Megan. In crazy circus, Drake raps, “This bitch is lying about getting shots, but she’s still a stud.” The track is one of 16 newly released songs on Drake and 21 Savage’s album. His lost.

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Megan Claps Back At Drake’s lyrics and translation of the song.

About an hour after its release at midnight (November 4), people were arguing a lot about the lyrics. Some people believe that Drake made a reference to a tall, thick woman who lied about having buttock augmentation surgery. But others, including Megan, took the lyrics as a dubious jab at Megan’s accusations against Tory. And the Houston Hottie had strong words for the Toronto rapper and other skeptics.

“I know I’m super popular but they need to stop attaching weak bar conspiracy theories to my name lol,” Megan tweeted. N–s nor hoes NEVER address me or @ me WITH a deed or receipts. I AM A CLOUT BITCH, she keeps sucking my pussy.”

Megan then came back with another tweet criticizing people, especially fellow rappers, who joke about women getting shot.

“Stop using my shots to sway your bitch ass! Since when is it cool to joke about women getting shot? You guys especially RAP N–S ARE LAME,” Megan tweeted. “Ready to boycott shoes and clothes, but harass a black woman when she says one of you abused her.”

Megan’s lawyer explains trust in the case against Tory

In the TMZ In an interview, Meg’s attorney, Spiro, explained his confusion with people who take a stand against his client. He said that the people will feel “deep regret” when the “the facts and the truth come out.” In her tweeted critiques, Megan spoke with the same confidence as Spiro.

“And when mf’s facts come out remember y’all fave hoe rappers who stood behind a-a SHOT A WOMAN,” he wrote.

Spiro explained that his confidence is based on solid evidence. In August 2020, Megan identified Tory as the person who shot her in the feet on July 12, 2020, after a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house.

By October of that same year, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office charged Lanez with one count of assault with a semi-automatic firearm and one count of carrying an unregistered, loaded firearm in a vehicle. The criminal complaint confirmed that she allegedly “inflicted great bodily harm” in Megan.

And Spiro says that the evidence presented at the trial that began between November 28 and December 8 will certainly support Megan’s story and the charges.

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“She trusts that because the evidence trusts that because these things are irrefutable and they can’t be cross-examined and the truth usually comes out in court and I’m sure it will here,” Spiro said. TMZ.

Tory maintains her innocence; The lawyer says that she is lying

Tory, on the other hand, has maintained innocence. released the album STAR OF THE DAY on September 25, 2020. In song money Over Consequences, Tory raps, “Megan’s people are trying to frame me for a shooting.”

I have to see a couple of questions: how the hell do you get shot in the foot, do not hit the bones or tendons? Tory added, questioning Megan’s injuries. Later in the same song, she said, “I would never put you in danger, and if I did, you would have said so when you saw the police.”

Megan previously admitted that she did not initially tell police that Tory shot her for fear the situation could escalate into police brutality. As for her injuries, she said Rolling Stone in June 2022 that she underwent surgery the same night as the shooting and was hospitalized for four days with “both legs wrapped.”

Tory pleaded not guilty to the charges on November 18, 2020. Lanez reportedly faces up to 22 years and eight months in prison if convicted.

TMZ asked Spiro why he thinks people believe Tory over Megan, and the lawyer’s response was anything but subtle.

“[Tory is] or lying to them, or they haven’t asked him what happened because I know what he says happened because I have it on a text message and a recorded call that he made from prison, where he said, he admitted, he apologized,” Spiro said. “So why are people defending someone who has made those statements and admissions with all the evidence? Without even witnesses? You don’t need witnesses for the kind of evidence I’m talking about.

Lawyer says Drake should explain, Lil Yachty comes to his defense

Continuing his part about the irrefutable evidence, Spiro added that there is no doubt that Megan is the victim in this situation.

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“…There is no doubt that he was in the hospital, there is no doubt that he is the victim of a shooting. There’s no question about any of that,” Spiro said. “So since when do we do this to people who are victims of a shooting? When is it okay? And I think Drake should explain that because he doesn’t get it.”

As of Saturday, Drake still isn’t saying anything about the situation, but Lil Yachty has. The Atlanta artist said he knows Drake won’t address him, but the line is about a woman lying about punching her butt.

Meanwhile, Pardi diverted calls online to drag Drake in and instead decided to show her baby some love while she pissed them off.

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