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East vs. West: Who is better at fly fishing? Field and Stream. Readers?

Maine lobster catches 5-foot military rocket abc

Video: Drunken “idiots” decide to touch a moose. look what happens field and current

How Bears Hibernate Without Blood Clots american scientist


An edible rechargeable battery Advanced materials. “Edible electronics is a growing field that aims to produce digestible devices using only food ingredients and additives, thus addressing many of the shortcomings of ingestible electronic devices.” So if your EV fails in the desert, you won’t starve!


Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Lessons from COVID-19 (accepted manuscript) Anthony S. Fauci and Gregory K. Folkers., Journal of Infectious Diseases. Practical table:

I don’t want to get wet also a lot on a player as slow and over the top as Fauci, although readers may disagree, in which case, go for it! Obvious question: why the complete deletion of non-pharmaceutical interventions?

Mucosal Vaccines for SARS-CoV-2: Scientific Gaps and Opportunities: Workshop Report Nature. Paragraph one lists the usual suspects workshop hosts, who are what you would expect:

The lack of validated correlates of protection for respiratory mucosal protection has implications for clinical research, as well as regulatory and policy considerations. As discussed during the Regulatory and Policy Considerations workshop session, next-generation COVID-19 vaccines can be approved by comparing systemic neutralizing IgG levels to those induced by approved vaccines, a process known as “immunopriming,” if They use similar platforms. However, because there are no validated correlates of protection for respiratory mucosal protection, if a vaccine has a unique mode of action that elicits an effective mucosal response but does not induce the same systemic immune markers as current vaccines, it will need to undergo large and expensive phase 3 trials to demonstrate clinical efficacy23. Additionally, to generate evidence to support a policy recommendation for preferred use as a transmission-blocking vaccine, developers may need to include an infection or transmission endpoint and/or conduct large phase 4 studies.

Despite these challenges, the growing body of work on SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination in animal and human models is rapidly expanding our knowledge of the sites where a mucosal immune response is induced, elucidating the components of this response. response that are important for protection. .

I am not a vaccine expert at all. Perhaps someone who remembers the mRNA development and approval process can tell readers if slowness and double standards are at play here. Workshop recommendations:

Conspicuously absent is any mention of Bharat’s iNCOVACC Nasal Vaccinewhich is already being distributed in India (RCT; link in NC here), which licensed technology developed at the University of Washington in Saint Louis. I would hope those developers would be there, but if there’s a list of workshop participants, I’m missing it. NIH = Not Invented Here?

Major health systems remove mask mandates in ‘momentous’ change from pandemic policy MyBiz. “COVID-19 patients now make up less than 3 percent of people currently hospitalized at Corewell hospitals, and about half of those patients are there for a variety of reasons, [Dr. Darryl Elmouchi, president of Corewell Health] saying…. ‘It’s hard to take care of people when you can’t see them smile.’” BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! Further:

It’s weird to see a hospital actually organize a superpropagation event….

I say yes, and it’s about time too:


How China changed the game for countries in default FOOT

China wants to start using lunar soil to build lunar bases from this decade Reuters

the koreas

South Korea will pay US$490 to encourage lonely youth to leave their homes; growing problem in east asia Channel News Asia


Houthi official says Yemen peace talks progressed, more rounds planned Reuters

The strategic consequences of a Kılıçdaroğlu victory over Erdogan Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

11 more US soldiers diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after attacks in Syria last month CNN. Remind me why we’re there?

European disunity

Hundreds of thousands protest before the ruling on the constitutionality of the French pension reform France24

Spanish air traffic controllers continue strike at 16 airports Anadolu Agency

Dear old Blighty

News live: UK rail union weighs revised offer as hopes rise for end to strikes FOOT

new not so cold war

Why blockading rather than retaking Crimea might be the best option for kyiv RAND Corporation. Are you saying there is hope?

Ukraine forces withdraw as Russia mounts ‘reinvigorated’ Bakhmut assault, UK says Reuters

* * *

Putin cancels Victory Day parades as Ukraine invasion continues to unravel The Atlantic Council

Ukraine’s foreign minister calls for integration of air defense systems with those of NATO allies Anadolu Agency

Vessel inspections resumed in Istanbul under the Grain Initiative Urainska Pravda

Remarks by US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo at the US-Ukraine Partnership Forum US Department of Commerce Raimondo: “To reiterate what President Biden said, we will support Ukraine for as long as it takes. We also want ‘as long as it takes’ to be as short as possible.” Oh.

south of the border

Brazil’s Lula visits Shanghai to boost ties with China access point

The United States courts Ecuador’s president even as the Latin American country’s democracy deteriorates The Los Angeles Times

Biden Administration

Biden administration tells agencies to reduce telecommuting government executive

DTs and senators were asked to take a Covid-19 antigen test if they attended Joe Biden’s speech at Oireachtas Wow, that’s weird. I thought covid was over?

Blast at dairy farm injures 1, kills 18,000 cattle PA. Texas. This seems to be one of many incidents.

the supreme

Billionaire Harlan Crow bought a property from Clarence Thomas. The judge did not disclose the deal. ProPublica

the intelligence community

Accused of leaking documents Jack Teixeira comes from a military family wapo I used the headline in view source. The headline shown is different: “he is from a patriotic family, and allegedly leaked American secrets.” And here is the original headline, from the URL: jack-teixeira-discord-document-leak. And the gavel: “Online, the suspect in the breach of dozens of classified documents assumed a personality apparently at odds with his military career.”

Jack Teixeira: How did someone so young have access to such sensitive files? News from heaven. “The events of the day moved very fast and began not, as one might expect, with advances by authorities investigating the leak, but rather with a series of media investigations.” IOW, the press are ghosts (at least the Beltway press). Never talk to the press, for the same reason that Don’t talk to the police (video).

US intelligence agencies may change the way they monitor social media and chat rooms after missing leaked US documents for weeks. NBC. Wow, it’s almost like that’s the object of the exercise!

the repression is coming Matt Taibbi, Racket News. “’More ghosts than straight guys and everyone pretending to have a secret. They want more?’ ‘How much time do you give him?’ ‘One week. Ten years.’” -John LeCarré, the honorable schoolboy.

What is Discord, the chat app linked to classified leaks? access point

Meet the curmudgeonly guy who ‘vaccinates’ people against conspiracies Sydney Morning Herald. With a total absence of transparency and accountability in a supposedly democratic but not remarkably rational political economy, it is natural that non-elites become involved in their own making of meaning.

Our famous free press

NPR becomes the first major news organization to abandon Twitter The edge. The deck: “The decision comes as Elon Musk’s relationship deteriorates at an astonishing rate.” By “the press” we mean the stenographers and spies of the Acela Corridor. So good. Excellent!

Twitter will let users offer content subscriptions in a monetization push Reuters

the bezzle

The US Cracked a $3.4B Crypto Heist and Bitcoin’s Anonymity wsj


I haven’t seen a PR push like the PR push for AI since… well, since the last PR push.

‘Hey, I’m a human.’ In Sales, people are fighting chatbots. wsj

AI is flooding the workplace and workers love it Vox. That’s because wages are rigid. Not for much longer. Holy Lord, Lead: “Brainstorming and planning are great examples of tasks that can be easily handled with generative AI tools like ChatGPT.” Then we could lay off the entire administrative layer of the university, unbelievable. But first they came for the administrators….

An Arizona mother describes an AI phone scam that faked her daughter’s kidnapping: ‘It was completely her voice’ FOX

We must slow down the race to a God-like AI FOOT. The deck: “I have invested in more than 50 artificial intelligence start-ups. What I have seen worries me. you do not say

Supply chain

G7 environment ministers to adopt plan on procurement of key minerals: Yomiuri Reuters

Health care

Red lights are flashing in our healthcare system political

Disability Denied: Unable to work, COVID long-haul carriers face hurdles in getting benefits Capital and Principal

Colorado, other states face medical debts that are bankrupting millions Colorado sun. Wait. What about ObamaCare?

Realignment and legitimacy

The wonderful death of a state The Baffle. About Murray Rothbard.

the class struggle

Opinion: Uber’s ‘black box’ keeps drivers in the dark about their share of the fare colorado sun

NASA reveals ‘Mars’ habitat for year-long experiments on Earth tight times

Antidote of the day (through):

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