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Behold: The 62,000-mile-tall ‘plasma waterfall’ that gushed from the sun scientific alert


Record sea level rise seen off Gulf Coast and East Coast as waters warm New Orleans Times-Picayune

Banks say they are acting on the climate, but continue to finance the expansion of fossil fuels Internal Weather News


What could the Colorado River shutoffs mean for states and their water supplies? nbc news

Phoenix hopes to turn wastewater into drinking water by 2030 AZFamily

The elephant on the banks of the Colorado River Kickback. Arizona vs. the Navajo Nation.


COVID-19 strikes again: accelerating dementia in the most vulnerable SciTechDaily (N-Mark)

Poor sleep after hospitalization for COVID: breathlessness is part of the equation Med Page today

bird flu

Avian flu sample from a Chilean man showed some signs of adaptation to mammals New York Times

Old Blighty

Rishi Sunak faces investigation by ethics watchdog over budget ‘benefit’ for his wife’s childcare agency the independent

Tenants unions are successfully resisting evictions across the UK the Canary


China Initiates ‘Surgical’ Retaliation Against Foreign Companies After US-Led Tech Blockade FOOT

Taiwan to buy 400 US anti-ship missiles to repel China in major escalation of World War 3 daily express

G7 diplomats discuss Chinese military threats to Taiwan at Japan summit Axios

China relationship will be determined by Beijing’s behaviour, says EU policy chief Reuters

DR Congo to audit and review ‘unfair’ Chinese mining contracts devspeech

France Seeks To Reassure Taiwan Over Macron’s Controversial Comments France24

European disunity

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Macron’s Europe Consortium News

Does Europe need to divide? dismantle

Thousands of people protest against the Czech government in Prague AFP

Slovakia ignores EU warning and bans grain imports from Ukraine FOOT

new not so cold war

Defense official confirms leak: US smart bombs are failing in Ukraine Antimilitarist

Slovakia transfers entire fleet of MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jets to Ukraine Air Force Technology

USAID to invest millions to boost Ukraine’s aid management oversight npr

Sweden begins biggest war games in 25 years involving 14 countries Al Mayadeen


US growing anxiety as Russia survives attrition by NATO as a whole Al Mayadeen

Russia the titan of mining and minerals of the future smartnews

The Leaker affair

Snowden and Texeira: ten years of disaster craig murray

The press is now also the police Matt Taibbi, racket news

south of the border

Colombia’s FARC rebel faction is ready for “peace talks” al jazeera


Palestinian President Abbas visits Saudi Arabia to “strengthen” relations Al-Monitor

Iran invites Saudi king to visit Tehran The cradle


Federal workers will strike on Wednesday if the union and the government do not reach an agreement CTV News

bad banks

‘Full of inaccuracies’: Schwab rejects post-SVB concerns american banker

Biden Administration

Biden’s ultimatum in Northern Ireland appears doomed political

Resolution by Rep. Gaetz would have Biden reveal the number of US troops in Ukraine Antimilitarist

Realignment and legitimacy

The era of the job crisis harper’s

republican clown car

‘Good luck’: GOPer Senate doubts Kevin McCarthy’s plan to cut food assistance for millions AlterNet

McCarthy promises a vote on raising the one-year debt limit, without clear support from the GOP CNBC

democrats en déshabille

Hochul Supreme Court pick represented Chevron in climate case against Steven Donziger New York focus

the supreme

US Supreme Court empowers bids to curb authority of federal agencies Reuters

Police State Surveillance

A war crimes team investigated the Portland police. The results are damning Rolling Stone

Digital clock


Academy Groves

Chris Hedges: Take back our universities from the corporate bureaucrats scheerpost


the class struggle

LEAKED AUDIO: CDC urges doctors not to test residents of East Palestine for cancer-causing vinyl chloride. Residents are testing positive anyway News of the coup

Many older Americans have not saved anything for retirement Bloomberg

Writers Union members overwhelmingly approve strike authorization vote at 97.85% the envelope

USW Calls on Paper Industry to Institute Safety Measures Against Deadly Fungal Infections united steelworkers


Is the IRS with your refund? No, it’s a ChatGPT scam political

The photographer admits that the award-winning image was generated by AI The Guardian

the bezzle

Mission Accomplished: Shaquille O’Neal Finally Received Class Action Documents Deserter

SpaceX cancels the first space launch of the giant rocket Starship due to a fuel problem

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