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LOOK: White student from Kentucky is arrested after a viral video shows her attacking a black student and yelling racist slurs

A white college Kentucky The student was arrested and charged after a video showed her attacking a black female student and calling her a “n***** b****” in an incident early Sunday that has since gone viral.

Sophia Rosing, 22, was arrested at a campus residence around 4 a.m. on charges of assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and assault on a police officer, according to online arrest records.

Bond set at $10K for racist white girl’s attack on black student in damning viral video

His bail was set at $10,000, according to the New York Post. As of Monday, it was not yet clear if she has been or will be expelled from the university.

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The video shows Rosing, who is white, highly intoxicated, stumbling into the university’s Boyd Hall, where Kylah Spring was working the dorm’s front desk.

Spring explained in a tik tok video that tried to control the woman, but instead she was physically assaulted and called a series of disgusting racist slurs.

“Could you please stop?” Spring asked Rosing after she tried to hit her, video shows.

“No,” Ross replied. “You’re a ***** and you’re a b****.”

Spring, somehow keeping her cool the entire time, replied. “Oh, Jesus, Lord, I don’t get paid enough for this.” “I have all of this on video,” said another off-camera voice.

Another student tried to help Spring get Rosing into a seat, causing him to start swinging on top of them. Rosing kicked Spring before trying to push a shopping cart at them, additional footage shows.

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Rosing told victim to “do my homework” as he punched, kicked and bit her, video shows

In her TikTok video, Spring said Rosing punched her multiple times, bit her arm and kicked her in the stomach.

Midway through the assault, Rosing told her to do her homework, adding, “It’s not my fault you’re black.”

“The girl starts saying things like ‘Do my chores,’ ‘It’s not my fault you’re black,’ ‘It’s not my fault you’re ugly,’ and at that point it’s like she’s singing the n-word,” said Spring. .

Police eventually arrived on the scene and handcuffed Rosing, who continued to use the n-word while refusing to provide officers with his name.

“Hey, guess what? You’re going to jail,” the arresting officer told Rosing.

Rosing kicked, bit arresting officer, apologizes, says he ‘literally lost everything’ after incident

Rosing reportedly even kicked and bit a police officer, leading to a charge of assault on a police officer.

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He has since apologized for his actions, writing that he “lost everything” and has to “fear for his life” ever since the incident went viral.

“I understand that an apology may not help, but I am not a racist. I was under the influence (and) literally lost everything and now I have to fear for my life. God forgive me, please understand,” Rosing wrote.

However, she had recently been kicked out of an area bar for using racial sluts according to a tweet, with a photo of her being thrown by a bouncer circulating on social media.

Rosing’s racist past, friends questioned amid backlash over racist attack

And another doom cheep found Rosing’s friends using the n-word and defending it online.

In a statement issued Sunday morning, the University of Kentucky condemned the assault, calling it “disturbing” and “deeply offensive,” however the statement did not reveal Rosing’s name.

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“Early this morning, a disturbing incident was captured on video at a residence,” the university said. “The video is deeply offensive and we take it very seriously.”

University conducts immediate investigation, victim says more needs to be done to protect students

The school’s Office of Student Conduct is conducting an immediate investigation, adding that its Student Success teams have reached out to Spring to offer support.


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“The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority and we will not tolerate behavior that threatens it,” the University of Kentucky said.

Meanwhile, University President Eli Capilouto has sent a similar message to the university community saying there will be a full investigation.

Spring said the school needs to do more to ensure students don’t face these kinds of racist attacks on campus in the future.

“The problem here is that this happens too much on college campuses that things don’t get done and we get these emails and everything about how [the university doesn’t] tolerate it, but it keeps happening,” he said. “I feel like at this point, the attention needs to be shifted from the offenders to the offended.”

Rosing was arraigned Monday, according to a cheep by local reporter Sydney Darden.

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