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LOTR: Rings of Power Opening Credits Secrets Revealed By Creators

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Mark Bashore and Katrina Crawford, the creators behind The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerThe opening credits sequence reveals how it was made and the secret hidden throughout. the rings of power is the new Amazon series set in the world of Middle-earth by JRR Tolkien. Instead of the Third Age, which the public knows from the work of Peter Jackson, Hobbit Y Lord of the Rings trilogies, power rings takes place thousands of years earlier during the less familiar Second Age. This is a time of relative peace as the Dark Lord Morgoth was recently defeated.


the rings of power premiered on September 1 on Prime Video with two episodes. In a growing trend among television shows, including the recently released HBO house of the dragon, power rings Episode 1 opted to forgo any opening title before the second episode featured the proper title sequence. with a new Lord of the Rings theme from Howard Shore, the opening sequence features small gold and black particles resembling sand that gracefully dance across the screen to form various symbols. The dazzling score and visuals successfully set the tone for the show, but many have been wondering what it all really means and how it was made.

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Now, in a new interview with Varietythe creators behind power ringsThe opening credits sequence of is revealing many of its secrets. Bashore and Crawford were initially inspired by Tolkien, who wrote that his fictional universe was created by music performed by angelic beings. Bashore therefore began to explore the science of cymatics, “a natural phenomenon that makes sound visible to the eye”, and while experimenting with different materials, Crawford discovered the beauty of sand. When it was time to shoot the sequence, they “matched sand of different particle sizes with a single tone Hz” to represent a world created through a song. Read how they described the process below:

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Crawford: We came with the idea of ​​a main title built from the world of sound, not built from the world of film. But then it turns into something bigger. And there are so many layers where the metaphor really worked. So you can do individual frequencies and you can get patterns. You see a diamond and it feels like magic, but when I play chants, these sounds flicker and change. You see the transformation where you are making things form and break. That transformation is a metaphor for everything. For the construction of the world, for the rupture, for the destruction, for the epic of the Lord of the Rings. That greatness comes, and this area becomes massive and important. And then it’s gone. There were so many things about it that were just delightful, but also really fit in with this idea of ​​big, epic worlds.

reverse them: We thought it was great that a sequence could end the way it started, totally in tune with Tolkien’s universe of things coming and going over the millennia. That if you started with something as abstract as that and ended up as dust, it would create the feeling of an endless cycle.

In addition to revealing how the title sequence was made, the duo also discussed the meaning of many of its symbols. In addition to mountains and trees, which are important symbols in Middle-earth, the 20 in the title power rings, which will be forged later in the series, are present in the opening titles. There are nine rings for Men, seven for Dwarves, three for Elves, and the One Ring which was forged by Sauron himself in the fires of Mount Doom.

In addition to some of these more apparent symbols, Bashore confirmed that there are some hidden clues throughout the title sequence that hint at things to come in Season 1. However, he didn’t explicitly reveal what they were, hoping fans would uncover the clues. for themselves. Hopefully the clues hidden within The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerThe opening credits sequence of becomes more apparent as new episodes stream every Friday on Prime Video.

Source: Variety

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