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Love Is Blind’s Zanab Jaffrey Hints At Meetup With Cole’s Ex-Wife

Love Is Blind’s Zanab Jeffrey responds to negative comments online in a TikTok video claiming she’s “having coffee” with Cole Barnett’s ex-wife.

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Love is blind Zanab Jaffrey from season 3 claimed that she met Cole Barnett’s ex-wife for coffee. Zanab, an American Airlines flight attendant, and Cole, a Dallas-area real estate agent, were one of five couples who left the pods together during Love is blind season 3. Although they have since ended their engagement, their relationship has resulted in much controversy due to claims made by Zanab during the Love is blind reunion episode


Zanab made a big reveal recently on social media. Many fans of Love is blind he felt that Cole’s actions once the couples left the pods were highly inappropriate. Some expressed their disdain on social media, stating that Cole’s flirtation with Colleen Reed and stating that she is a 10 out of 10 was unforgivable. Zanab has insisted on social media that fans did not see the full extent of Cole’s mistreatment of her during their relationship. She has defended herself against fans leaving comments claiming that she was too critical of Cole. She even posted a @zanabjaffrey video on TikTok recently, claiming that she met and talked with Cole’s ex-wife over coffee.

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Zanab and Cole had issues throughout Love Is Blind

Zanab and Cole smiling at the Love is Blind reunion

Cole was open in the pods about the fact that he had previously been married, but did not give any details as to why their relationship ended. He is only 27 years old and, based on his many comments about his faith during Love is blind, it seems likely that he married young for religious reasons. While Zanab and Cole initially bonded over their faith, the Love is blind The pair did not get along in the real world and clashed throughout the season. Zanab stated in the caption of her TikTok video that “Respectfully, we’re not the same. Disrespectfully, we both don’t want that.” Fans in the comments section interpreted this as her saying that neither she nor Cole’s ex-wife like how Cole treated them.

Cole and Zanab’s relationship was complicated from the start due to Cole’s interest in Colleen both within the pods and when all the couples first met in person. Cole approached Colleen at the cast’s pool party and hinted at her attraction to her, claiming that she was more of her than his. “write” physically of what was his fiancée. Zanab understandably took these comments very personally and stated during a confessional in Love is blind that she felt were made as a result of her not being “white” And be “heavier” that Colleen. Cole’s alleged comments about Zanab’s body became a focal point of the Love is blind Season 3 reunion.

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Zanab claimed that Cole had destroyed her trust and constantly pestered her about her eating habits while they were living together. In an event now infamously known as the “beauty scene” Cole questioned Zanab for eating a couple of oranges before going out to dinner. Zanab felt that this comment was made with malice and became very defensive. When Love is blind the producers ran the previously unaired scene, many fans felt that it had actually been Zanab who had overreacted in the situation and that Cole had innocently wanted to stop her from spoiling his dinner. If Cole is the real one Love is blind the villain remains up in the air, but Zanab has made it clear where she stands on the issue.

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Source: @zanabjaffrey/TikTok

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