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Maharashtra cancels Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder license over health concerns

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20220925 175254

Maharashtra cancels Johnson & Johnson's baby powder license over health concerns

The Maharashtra FDA also issued a Good Cause Notice to Johnson and Johnson regarding quality concerns.


The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) canceled Johnson & Johnson Pvt Ltd’s baby powder manufacturing license on Friday “in the interest of general public health.”

In a statement, the state government agency said the company’s product, Johnson’s Baby Powder, can affect the skin of newborn babies.

Samples of the baby powder did not adjust to the standard pH value during a laboratory test, the regulator said.

The statement says the action was taken after the conclusive report from the Kolkata-based Central Drug Laboratory which concluded that “the sample does not comply with IS 5339:2004 with respect to pH testing.”

According to the statement, the FDA had drawn samples of Johnson’s Baby Powder from Pune and Nashik for quality control purposes.

The government analyst stated that the samples “are not of standard quality” as they do not meet the IS 5339:2004 specification for baby skin powders in the pH test, he said.

Thereafter, the FDA issued a notice of justification to Johnson and Johnson under the Cosmetic and Drug Act of 1940 and Regulations, in addition to instructing the company to recall its stock of said product, according to the notice.

The firm “did not accept the report” from the government analyst and challenged it in court for sending it to the Central Drug Laboratory, he added.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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