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Maitland Ward On Being Sexualized And Shamed On “Boy Meets World” Before Finding Happiness As An Adult Film Star

In X-ratedWard remembers trying to bury the more sexual part of herself for decades out of fear of what other people might think. Speaking to BuzzFeed News, she added: “For so long, especially in Hollywood, I was told you have to be a certain way, you have to be nice, you have to be a people pleaser, you have to be a good girl, walk the right pathand I felt like the things that were inside of me and my truth were something bad, or something dirty, or something ‘other than’ or wrong, so I kept trying to hide it.”

And this is what makes her final decision to finally take the plunge, with her husband’s unwavering support, all the more inspiring, and Ward hopes her story encourages others to live their truth.

“My story was porn, and it’s more of a lewd story, it’s not a story for everyone,” she began. “But people have been told ‘no’ about things they wanted to do, or someone they wanted to be, or their truth. They’ve been told to hide it… And I think this is a true story about ‘yes’.

“I hope that people can be inspired and have hope that they can change their lives and make their lives what they want it to be, no matter what other people tell them they’re supposed to do or what they’re supposed to be.” . Ward added.

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Now Ward runs her own business and records online content and live broadcasts while also starring in professional adult films. She has enjoyed huge success and won industry awards for her performances, and after years of struggling to find work as a “mainstream” actress in Hollywood, she calls the level of control she finally has over her career “the most liberating thing.” .

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