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Marvel Confirms Why Civil War’s Final Battle Didn’t Destroy NYC Forever

Fans of the Marvel Universe never understand how people can still live in New York City after so much destruction. Well, an answer may be at hand.

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SPOILERS ahead for Damage control #2!Many Marvel fans might wonder why people still live in New York City after great superhero battles like the final battle of the Civil war event. Well, Marvel has just given an explanation of how the city survives: damage control.

In the Marvel Universe, New York City is ground zero for alien invasions, demon infestations, and all kinds of superhero battles. Subsequent destruction has always been cleaned up by Damage Control. When the Hulk throws a villain through a building, Damage Control is the one to come in next and take care of the cleanup, as well as directing the civilian casualties to help rebuild what was lost and recoup their expenses.


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In Damage control #2 by Adam F. Goldberg and Will Robson, it is revealed how Damage Control can do this so efficiently and regularly. Although Damage Control was originally a private operation, they have partnered with the federal government to expand and provide comprehensive claim and grievance services for the citizens of New York City. Additionally, the federal government has designated New York City as a perpetual disaster zone. This means that the government has provided Damage Control with a permanent super fund of money that they can access to do the work that needs to be done.

Damage Control and Government Work Together to Help Marvel’s NYC

This is vital for the citizens of New York. While some may move because they get tired of all the destruction and rebuilding, other citizens can take advantage of federal government and damage control programs. They know that even in the city that has routine destruction, there will always be money available to rebuild and pay them for anything they lose. This issue of Damage Control also explains how this happens through a very detailed claims department that processes all of these complaints from New York residents.

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When viewed through this lens, New York City might actually be a much better place to live than other cities in the Marvel Universe. New York isn’t alone in being besieged by superpowered threats. Other cities have also faced invasions and supervillain battles. But when they need to rebuild, they need to apply to Superfund because they’re not a perpetual disaster zone like New York City is. Instead, their status must be requested on a case-by-case basis, which means they may not be as efficient at cleaning. This is especially true since Damage Control’s headquarters are actually in New York. Despite the disaster that befalls New York City in conflicts like Civil warmarvel damage control find a way to keep the city going.

Damage control #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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