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Marvel’s Judgment Day Would Be Better As A Fantastic Four Event

The great Marvel Comics event of 2022, Doomsdayit has to do with the X-Men, the Eternals, and the Avengers, but it would have been a much better story if it had focused on The Fantastic Four instead. The awakening of the Celestial Progenitor and the following imminent destruction of Earth reflects the iconic Galactus Trilogy, where Marvel’s First Family repelled the Eater of Worlds. Also, the Fantastic Four Doomsday The bonding history shows that they are the best equipped team to deal with this type of emergency.


in Marvel Doomsday, a conflict erupts between the mutant nation of Krakoa and the Eternals after the latter decide that the mutants are equivalent to the Deviants they have been genetically coded to destroy. To stop this destructive war, a group of heroes decide that the best way is to resurrect the Progenitor, a dead Celestial whose corpse the Avengers have been using as a base, who, as god of the Eternals, is the only one who can change. the “guidelines” of it. The new Progenitor, however, does not stop there and decides that it is his duty to “judge” the entire world, decreeing its destruction. The assembled heroes try to stop him with brute force, but fail miserably.

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Fantastic four #47, by David Pepose, Juann Cabal and Jesus Aburtov, shows what happens to the team during the last 24 hours before Progenitor renders its verdict. Susan focuses on her duties of managing the Baxter Building. Ben Grimm, The Thing, is reinforcing the structure to make sure it can withstand whatever the Celestial throws at them. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, is just being himself, driving his flying corvette and “lifting people’s spiritsReed Richards, on the other hand, has been contacted by the Avengers to find a solution to the Progenitor problem, so he locks himself inside the “Think Tank”, an isolated chamber where he can focus on his thoughts alone. he demonstrates that, when faced with a seemingly all-powerful space god who wants to destroy Earth, the heroes know that the only one who can find a solution is Mr. Fantastic, and indeed he does. Reed realizes that if the Celestial really wanted to destroy Earth, he would have already done so, which means he ultimately wants humanity to win, they just need to figure out the rules in time.

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Of course, Reed has a lot of experience with these kinds of threats. The Fantastic Four were the first to confront Galactus when he first attempted to devour Earth, and managed to repel him on many occasions. His experience, however, is not limited to Galactus. While most other heroes spend most of their time on Earth, the Fantastic Four have traveled extensively through space and time, encountering creatures even more powerful than a Celestial. In fact, dealing with threats that are beyond human comprehension is one of the defining traits of the Fantastic Four. From these experiences, Reed Richards (with the help of his equally talented daughter Valeria) is able to find a solution to any problem. And if that wasn’t enough, the Invisible Woman once killed a Celestial herself.

What comes out of the Fantastic Four Doomsday The bonding story, however, is not just that they have the experience and ability to deal with the Progenitor. Being a family, they possess a strength that comes from their ties that the other heroes lack. For these reasons, and because of his experience dealing with cosmic threats like Galactus and the Celestials, Doomsday It would have been much better as Fantastic four event.

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