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Maxwell applauds people clowning around with his viral dance: “Your knees aren’t built like that”

Maxwell is giving Megan Thee Stallion’s knees a try for her talent! the The rapper’s name has been trending alongside Maxwell’s after a viral video showed him dropping it a bit.

During a recent performance, Maxwell made his legs move in a butterfly motion as he twirled in a semicircle for a few seconds. He then he re-delivered his voice to the crowd.

But while the artist may have been smiling, not everyone felt his knees. And a tweet mentioning the need for Maxwell’s moves is what made the video trending.

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“Maxwell doesn’t have a single song that requires this,” Twitter user @artfulkash wrote on Oct. 22.

The next day, others online began sharing edited videos of the moment, including putting Maxwell’s knees next to Megan’s screen.

Maxwell reacts to critics; Wiz Khalifa steps in

And the comments continued throughout the weekend with Twitter users switching between laughter, criticism and coming to his defense. Others continued to release combined videos of the dance moves.

But on Monday morning, the singer had words for people who found comedy on his viral knees.

“Everyone wants to laugh but his knees aren’t built like that,” Maxwell tweeted. “This is the Maxwell Challenge.”

After Maxwell addressed the conversation, a fellow industry member weighed in on the singer’s viral moment. Wiz Khalifa wrote, You better leave Maxwell alone.

On his knees or not, Maxwell remains a crowned legend

Before Maxwell addressed critics, he shared another clip from a recent performance. And the vibe matched the one found in the viral kneeling video of her.

The singer brought the energy of Michael Jackson to the stage in a shiny black two-piece suit paired with braids.

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