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MCU: 10 Characters Who Would Make Great Pilots In Stars Wars

As both Star Wars and the MCU closed the year 2022, Andor became one of the best TV shows of the year, and Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverThe record-breaking box office smash has fans more excited than ever for Phase Five and beyond. Many actors have been involved in both franchises in major roles, such as Oscar Isaac, who played Poe Dameron before appearing in moon knight. While neither Marc Spector, Steven Grant nor Jake Lockley could rival one of the greatest star drivers of all Star Warsother MCU characters have shown the potential to do so.

From the days of SHIELD with their quinjets to the Guardians of the Galaxy racing through the cosmos in the Milano, the MCU has its fair share of talented pilots. If they existed in a galaxy far, far away, they’d channel their guts, quick reflexes, and decide to pilot X-Wings or Corellian freighters. In particular, Poe would feel safe if any of these characters flew past him in a firefight.

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carol danvers

Captain Marvel Brie Larson as Carol Danvers Final Flight

There is no better pilot in the MCU than Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Even before she gained immense powers from the Tesseract, Carol was a tough and fearless pilot in the US Air Force, but due to her restrictive codes, she was never allowed to fly in combat. However, she did become a test pilot for Project PEGASUS, which gave her experience using a lightspeed engine, something Poe might find relatively rudimentary.

Without her powers, Carol has shown that she has the quick wit, guts, and fortitude to be a starship pilot like Poe, Han, or Luke. Her cosmic abilities make her stronger and more understanding of the true scope of flying in space.

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Maria Rambeau

An image of Maria Rambeau smiling at the other members of the Illuminati council in Multiverse of Madness

Anything that can be said to support Carol Danvers can also be said for her best friend, Maria Rambeau. That even goes for her powers, since Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness introduced Maria as Captain Marvel from Earth-838. She had excelled through her training at the Air Force Academy, even while she was raising her daughter, Monica, but she was unfairly repressed because of her gender and the color of her skin.

In captain marvelEven without any real experience of interstellar traffic, Maria successfully maneuvered the quadjet in space and then won the air battle with Minn-Erva. After that, she went on to search for SWORD, meant to stop off-world threats, so she no doubt gained the experience that starship pilots would want on Star Wars.

James Rhodes

War Machine poses for the poster of Endgame

When thinking of good pilots, characters like Tony Stark or Riri Williams, the new tech-based hero in the MCU, naturally come to mind because of the ease with which their suits operate and what their capabilities have allowed them to do. . Clearly beating them though is James Rhodes aka War Machine. Like Carol and Maria, he shares the experience of being a superhero and a real Air Force pilot.

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Interestingly, despite being in the MCU from the very beginning in Iron Man – albeit being played by someone else – and rising to the rank of Colonel, Rhodey has never been shown flying in anything other than the War Machine armor. Hopefully something like that will show up in armor wars. However, Rhodey is a clear choice thanks to his experience, calm under pressure, and grit, and would specifically be a good fit for something like a Y-Wing bomber.

sam wilson

Sam Wilson dressed in the Captain America costume in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Air Force has one more representative, Sam Wilson, the new Captain America. His tenure in the military had him training as a paratrooper, literally training with wings and preparing for his heroic debut as the Falcon. Those wings are now in the hands of Joaquín Torres, who will presumably suit up as the new Falcon in Captain America: New World Ordera welcome sight to help Sam thwart the Leader and any of the other Captain America villains that might show up.

His time in the suit and generally flying other aircraft, such as the quinjet, would make him a fearless and agile fighter pilot in Star Wars, someone willing to do the fast runs that may require some quick maneuvers. Sam would also make a fine contemporary for Poe.

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Peter Quill

Star-Lord piloting the Kite in Guardians of the Galaxy

If there is one word to describe Poe in Star Wars, is impulsive. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s harmful. In the MCU, the character he most closely resembles is Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, of course, with a few added notes of Han Solo as well. From his days training with Yondu as a Ravager to his adventures as the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter truly is the ultimate example of a true space pilot in the MCU.

He has shown his skills on various boats in the guardian of the galaxy movies, including Milano, Benatar, and even the little mining ships at Knowhere. His abilities are best displayed in guardians of the galaxy vol. two, during the chase through the quantum asteroid field. Even with Rocket constantly trying to take control and the Sovereign ships on his six, Peter is able to maneuver them to safety.


Rocket Raccoon looking worried in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Presumably, all of the Guardians are expert pilots, as they will need to take control of the team’s spaceships, now the Bowie as shown in Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special – but Rocket is the character they’d really want in charge at all times if Peter wasn’t around. In addition to being one of the best inventors in the MCU, he ranks high among the pilots.

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From his reprogramming of the Kyln droids, giving him something new to pilot, to all the times he was in charge of Benatar, especially during the Blip, Rocket’s unique skills as a pilot would make him someone Poe would definitely want on his side. Also, he would probably be the only other character willing to jump into hyperspace, like Poe did in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

melinda may

Melinda May looking into the distance in Agents of SHIELD

Weather shield agents it’s been largely ignored as part of the MCU, technically it’s still in-universe but only as a separate sector. It introduced audiences to Agent Melinda May, not only a contender for the MCU’s best spy title, but also a highly skilled pilot. That’s why she was initially recruited to the team, to fly the Bus, and that’s it. Of course, her role evolved, but it was still May who had command of the cockpit no matter what.

As the show progressed, May faced all sorts of challenges as the pilot of the Bus and later the Zephyr-One, including flying in space. Of course, Ming-Na Wen is already showing off her other talents, such as Fennec Shand in the mandalorian Y Boba Fett’s book, and Agent May would be as worthy a pilot and mercenary as she is. Not only would she be someone worthy of flying an X-Wing or a B-Wing, but she would also shine in a ship like the Ghost or the Millennium Falcon as a pilot and commander like Hera Syndulla.

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An image of Okoye standing in the dark in Wakanda Forever

Thanks to vibranium, Wakanda’s technology is highly advanced. Given the training and education throughout Wakanda as well, it’s likely that characters like T’Challa, Shuri, Nakia, and Okoye are much more adept at things like flying than non-Wakanda. Of them, however, Okoye would probably be the more natural pilot thanks to his inherent calm, courage, and experience as a Dora Milaje.

She has her own super flying suit in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and will presumably get her own Disney+ series, so fans can see more of Okoye flying across screens like a midnight angel. In Star Wars, she would not be the impulsive rebel like Poe, but would always follow orders. However, if she saw an opportunity to attack, he would go after her.

Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff looking gobsmacked in Avengers Endgame

While other drivers would tend to be defined by their cheeky reflexes that could border on impetuosity, Natasha Romanoff is a special case. As the Black Widow’s best spy and assassin trained for years in the Red Room, she would make a great stealth fighter pilot, someone whose goal is to lie low, much like Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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As it is shown in the Avengers, Natasha had flown the quinjet for the team, so she has some of the required experience. She makes up for the rest of her with her intuition and wit, being able to learn as she goes. That adaptability is a great quality in a pilot during the big fights in Star Wars.

clint barton

Clint Barton aiming his bow in The Avengers

If ever there is a character that could easily land on the Death Star, snapping the shot in Episode IV: A New Hope without the help of the Force, it’s Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. He is the best marksman in the MCU and as such is someone the Rebel Alliance would want to keep on his side.

Like Natasha, his SHIELD training and general life experience saw him pilot the quinjet often, so he has an advantage. Also, he is relatively tech-savvy by making all of his special arrows himself, so he could help him in the intricate technology required. fly through the stars in Star Wars.

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