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Million Dollar Listing: 10 Fakest Things About The Show, According To Cast And Crew

with season 14 of Million Dollar Listing Along the way, fans of the show are excited to get back to all the drama and glamorous deals made on the show. Viewers fell in love with watching rising realtors trying to rise in the business while also juggling their personal lives, but not everything depicted on the show is as real as it seems.

Over the years, the show has spawned multiple spin-offs based in cities like New York and Los Angeles. The new season that will be released on December 8 will also be Bravolebrity Edition.

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There are many re-recordings

Million Dollar List Cast

Making a hit reality TV show is hard, but making it glamorous while selling houses can be even harder. It’s clear that the showrunners are taking some creative leeway in adding some jazz to the lives of these real estate agents.

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Former cast member Madison Hildrebrand told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that producers ask them to do a lot of reshoots, especially the more mundane things in their lives. The former cast member stated that “It’s me getting out of the car three times at different angles.” While this may seem like a lot of fuss, they are some of the things that publishers need to focus on to add more glamor to the show.

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Fights often escalate

Feud over million dollar listing

It is common in any field for people to have competitors in their industry and this can be clearly seen in Million Dollar Listing also. But some of the drama is often amped up on the show to keep viewers engaged. It’s very rare that homemade reality shows are real.

Madison Hildebrand told the Showbiz Cheat Sheet that the instance of Heather Altman throwing a glass of champagne during an open house was amplified for the show and “Heather would never have thrown a glass…at an open house if the cameras weren’t filming. . Even if such a thing hadn’t happened in real life, it can be said to be good television.

Background models are hired

Million Dollar Listing Open House
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Million Dollar Listing it’s meant to represent the top 1% trying to buy and sell homes and for this, the show needs to add some glamor every once in a while. But while some viewers may be thinking the people in the background at parties and open houses are real, it looks like they’ve been hired.

A casting notice in 2015 shows that the producers were looking for “yoga contestants and instructors” along with “bikini models” to participate in the show. The casting call also called for people in more roles like housewives. It’s one of the details of the show that even most fans are unaware of.

There is much more to sell houses

Million Dollar Listing Offers

Million Dollar Listingand other programs like buy my housedoes a brilliant job of making the life and work of real estate agents exciting and glamorous, but according to one of the show’s cast members, not everything about life is shown.

Alisa Peterson, an employee of Sotheby’s International Realty, stated in a blog post that the real-life version of selling houses involves much more, like working with a seller and the intricacies of closing a deal. On top of this, there’s a lot of paperwork involved and “Paperwork isn’t sexy.”

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Not all offers pass

Million Dollar Listing

real estate agents in Million Dollar Listing seems to be selling a lot of houses. While it may be true, there are some offers that don’t go through even if they are shown as such on the show.

A New York Post article states that not all facts about the deals are revealed on the show. Between filming and airing the show, some deals may not go through and “viewers may not get the whole story.”

The personal lives of the cast can be staged

Million dollar listing personal life
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Million Dollar Listing it also focuses on the personal lives of real estate agents in addition to the deals they make and this is one of the most entertaining parts of the show. But sometimes producers can arrange this part of the show to make it appear more lavish or dramatic.

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Fredrik Ekmund tried to get permission from the condominium board at 21 Astir Place to allow the production team to film at his home, but was denied. He ended up renting another apartment in a different part of town where the team shot him getting out of bed and playing in the kitchen. So while viewers thought they were watching at his house, it was just a random apartment.

Some houses shown are already sold

Million Dollar Listed Penthouse

While quite a few real-life deals are shown on the show, some events appear to be entirely staged. It is often shown in shows like Million Dollar Listing that listings often host broker parties to get realtors interested in purchasing a new home.

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An Elliman employee, Holly Parker, told The New York Times that the show had thrown a runner’s party at a penthouse at 100 11th Avenue, but in real life, the deal had already been signed on the spot. She further claimed that it was “all fake”. The program portrayed that new corridors were being introduced to the apartment, but that it had already been sold.

Deadlines are not always accurate

List of millionaire houses

The filming schedule for the show lasts around 7 months out of the year, which means that only deals that went through or fell through are allowed on the show to keep it interesting. But most people who have bought a home know that real estate deals can take much longer or even be completed in a couple of weeks.

The showrunners edit these deals to fit the season’s schedule. Deals that take longer “are often rendered in the time frame determined by the production team.” Similarly, if a deal closes too quickly, it can be made to seem like a long one to build out the season.

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Deals don’t close that easily.

Million Dollar Listing

While it’s true that the most important part of any reality show is that it’s entertaining, and getting too attached to real life can make things boring.

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It’s shown many times on the show that closing a deal only requires a couple of meetings, phone calls, and charming potential buyers. While all of this is shown to only take five to 10 minutes, the entire process in real life can take months and months of going back and forth trying to broker the deal. Discussing terms and accepting counteroffers can often become tedious and even boring, and it is much more difficult than what is shown in Million Dollar Listingsays Redfin’s agent, Alec Traub, who works in the real estate business in Los Angeles.

The show can misrepresent real estate agents

Million Dollar Listing Casting
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Million Dollar Listing You have to make the show entertaining to watch otherwise viewers will just play along, this is one of the reasons they focus on a select few real estate agents across the region. But it can be led to believe that competition in the real estate market only revolves around 10-15 agents.

Alec Traub of Redfin Agent, who works in the Los Angeles real estate business, says there may be thousands of agents in the Los Angeles area. While it’s true that some agents are more dominating in some areas, there are still at least 10 agents even in places like Bel Air or Beverly Hills.

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