NBA playoff teams that thrive or fail

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Of the top players in the rotation, only Mitchell and Cedi Osman have been a part of playoff-winning basketball. The Knicks are led by Brunson, who was the No. 2 player during the Mavs’ Western Conference Finals last year. The Knicks are young and mostly inexperienced, too, but they’re playing with house money, after exceeding everyone’s expectations this season. tom thibodeau He’s had his best season as New York’s head coach, but he’ll need to keep the momentum going for the Knicks to post a deep playoff run as well. Vegas pegged Cleveland as the favorite in this matchup, still, anyone who has seen how much the Cavs rely on the superstar outputs of Mitchell and Dario’s Garland (pictured) knows how fragile and unbalanced the team’s offense is.

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