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Neon White is coming to PS4 and PS5 on December 13

Neon White is a lightning-fast single-player first-person shooter where you slay demons beyond the gates of heaven. It’s a unique blend of first-person shooter, platforming, and puzzle gameplay, topped off with a social link system where you can meet your fellow dead assassins.

It may sound like a lot, but in practice it’s simple: kill all the demons and get to the end of the level as fast as you can. The levels are bite-sized challenges built from the ground up to be rewarding to replay and optimize; this is achieved through the unique Soul Card system. Soul cards serve as weapons and movement abilities. For example, the Godspeed card is a high-powered rifle that can kill demons, but if you discard it, you execute a forward dash. You can take your time and finish a level by shooting the demons, but if you want to do things fast, you will have to sacrifice your weapons.

Neon White is all about speed, so one of our top priorities was performance. It was important to us that the PlayStation 5 version ran at 120hz across the board. When precision matters, high frame rate makes all the difference. We’ve also taken full advantage of the system’s SSD to significantly reduce load times. It is important that restarting the levels is as quick and painless as possible. If you want to beat your friends’ ranking times, you’ll need to restart the levels over and over again.

Neon White also makes use of PS5’s adaptive triggers to make each Soul Card feel unique when you fire them and when you discard them. Controller Haptics provide an additional level of feedback on top of that. You’ll feel it when you move faster in the water, and you’ll get a subtle confirmation when you successfully shoot a distant demon. Our goal was not just to make you feel great, but to develop a sixth sense. To become a fan of speedrunning.

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Neon White is coming to PS4 and PS5 on December 13

Before you kick down the gates of heaven, here are some tips to help you optimize levels and earn those Ace medals:

Let the discards do the work

It’s tempting to stock up on ammo to maximize damage output. However, your goal is speed, not DPS. So here’s my advice: when possible, your discard should move you Y kill enemies at the same time. The Purify bomb discard could kill four enemies at once, but why not try jumping on it at the same time for a boost?

aim with gyro

Neon White supports gyro aiming with the DualSense controller, and I personally never play games without it. Aiming the gyro can take some getting used to for him, but it’s worth it for an added degree of fine-grained control when shooting demons right from the start of a level.

tricks with katanas

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Neon White has a handful of secret features that can give you an edge over the competition. White’s default Katana card isn’t powerful on its own, but it can be used to deflect many enemy projectiles back at them, dealing additional damage. Successful parries with the Katana also give White a small speed boost, which is even more effective when White is airborne.

Tips and techniques aside, the best way to experience the game is to jump in and try it out for yourself. Neon White comes with all the tools you need to climb the leaderboards no matter your experience level. And if you don’t care about the leaderboards, just play the first mission. Trust me, you will be worried about the leaderboards.

Neon White launches on PS5 and PS4 on December 13.

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