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New Sandman Episode Scripts Get Update From Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman gives an update on new The Sandman episode scripts, including that they are currently being written and that he has a hand in them.

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Neil Gaiman has given an update for new The Sandman episode scripts. Based on the comic series of the same name written by Gaiman, The Sandman was adapted into a television series exclusively for Netflix and premiered on the streaming service in August. The fantasy series would top the Netflix charts for several weeks and was even briefly dethroned. Strange things season 4 as the most popular show on Netflix from August 8 to 14. However The Sandman It received massive critical acclaim and has since become beloved by fans, it was only recently revealed in November that the show has been renewed for new episodes. There is currently no release date for the new episodes of The Sandmanbut they are expected to debut sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.


In a post on his Tumblr, Gaiman has provided some exciting updates for the new episodes of The Sandman. In response to a fan question”Are the Sandman scripts already written for season 2 and did you participate in the supervision?Gaiman responded that while not all of the scripts have been completed yet, he and the writers are currently in the process of writing them and that he has a hand in overseeing the series’ script. Read Gaiman’s comment below:

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What we know about the new episodes of The Sandman

Hob Gadling and Morpheus in The Sandman

While the plot of the upcoming episodes has yet to be revealed, as the scripts are still being written, both Gaiman and The Sandman cast members have teased possible future narratives. Gaiman has repeatedly shared his enthusiasm for bringing Endless’s youngest member Delirium to the series, saying that he is looking forward to playing the role. Boyd Holbrook (The Corinthian) and Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine) have also teased potential returns for their beloved characters. Coleman even went so far as to hint that Constantine might have his own Sandman spin-off series in the future, an idea that Gaiman has also proven to be open to, though no official plans have been confirmed from any of its parties or from Netflix.

It was also recently joked that, as Strange things season 4 is divided into two parts, this next chapter of The Sandman could receive the same treatment. Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s head of US and Canadian scripted series, has said that “andeverything is on the table when it comes to ‘Sandman,And that includes the format of the show. Netflix has also said that the show’s renewal will not be considered a season 2, but merely a new episode slate.

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With fans around the world leading a huge push to The Sandman‘s renewal, there is more excitement than ever for the series with new episodes. It is currently speculated that the filming of the new episodes may start in early 2023, but since the scripts are not finished yet, it may still be some time before there are any new episodes. Sandman content is released. Many longtime comic book fans attribute the success of the show to Gaiman’s continued involvement, and with the writer announcing that he has a large hand in writing the scripts for the new episodes, the next chapter will no doubt continue. The SandmanThe reign of Netflix.

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