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News, cast, date and spoilers of season 4 of ‘Emily in Paris’

This story contains major spoilers for Emily in Paris season 3.

Whether you have just started your Emily in Paris If you binge season 3, or have finished it completely, you’re probably already wondering: Will there be another season? And to that, the answer is a resounding oui Netflix actually renewed the sitcom for a third Y fourth season at the same time, which was announced in early 2022. It just shows how much faith the streamer has in the series, which stars Lily Collins as a Chicago couture and selfie marketer who moves to Paris for the next chapter. of his career and his life.

After season 3 brought us new love interests, a wedding, a few breakups, and even a surprise pregnancy announcement, here’s what we can expect from season 4.

When will season 4 come out?

Netflix has yet to announce a release date, but the show reportedly filmed parts of season 4 while season 3 was in production, per Variety, so the wait might not be that long. Still, the season doesn’t seem to be over yet; as Lily Collins told that she and Lucas Bravo had to be careful filming the final scene of season 3 “because we don’t know how [season] four openings.

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Who will be in the cast?

Of course, we expect Collins to return as Emily, along with Ashley Park as Mindy, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Camille Razat as Camille, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Bruno Gouery as Luc, William Abadie as Antoine. We’re also hoping to see more of Samuel Arnold as Julien, Lucien Laviscount as Alfie, and Kate Walsh as Madeline, though the way events played out in season 3 doesn’t make it clear if they’ll return.

emily in paris l to r lucas bravo as gabriel, camille razat as camille in emily in paris cr episode 301 stéphanie branchunetflix © 2022


What will season 4 be about?

While Netflix hasn’t shared any official details, we already know there’s a lot more to explore after the season 3 finale.

Gabriel and Camille decide to get married at their engagement party, but then Camille realizes that she can’t marry him because she knows he and Emily are still in love. (Gabriel also doesn’t know that Camille has been hanging out with his friend Sophia of his!) The announcement shocks Alfie and he too breaks up with Emily. When Gabriel and Emily finally confess their feelings one on one, he also reveals that Camille is pregnant. Will Gabriel try to win Camille back and help her with her pregnancy in season 4? Or will he and Emily finally give their relationship a chance, for real? We also hope it’s not the last we see of Alfie.

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Meanwhile, Emily’s American work ethic has sidelined the efforts of her co-worker Julien. When she crosses the line in her introductory meeting with a client, that’s the last straw for him. She later sends her an email saying that she is considering accepting an offer elsewhere. Sylvie’s Agence Grateau just launched, but is Julien leaving yet? And if he does leave the company, we hope he doesn’t leave the show entirely. “I would love to see, you know, Julien go for victory, professionally speaking, no matter what decision he makes,” Samuel Arnold tells

And while season 4 could highlight Julien’s professional career, Arnold hopes it can also get more personal. “And no matter where he goes, I’d love for him to succeed and also why not dig a little deeper into his personal life, probably getting to know his family, his parents, his friends, his night out, what he’s up to. in his spare time, you know what I mean? he adds. “That would be nice to see.”

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Bruno Gouery would like the same for Luc. “We get to see Luc at work all the time, but in that season, at the end, we found out something about his private life. And I think in season four, I hope we can find out more deeply where he lives, who he lives with, what his family is. [is like]-something like that. We can find out so many things about Luc.”

emily in paris l to r bruno gouery as luc, samuel arnold as julien, philippine leroy beaulieu as sylvie grateau in emily in paris episode 302 cr marie etchegoyennetflix © 2022

Sylvie ends the season on good terms with her husband Laurent, so well that they decide to team up to launch the next branch of their Laurent G nightclub in Paris. They are just waiting for the approval of one last investor: Louis de Léon, owner of the luxury house JVMA, with whom Sylvie has a thorny history. Although we don’t know exactly what happened, she alludes to it in episode 8. “I remind you of when I was just an assistant, too. I remember everything, ”she told Louis during a meeting. And I certainly hope you have changed. It looks like Sylvie will have to reopen old wounds in season 4.

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Leaving Louis aside, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu hopes that Kate Walsh will return as Madeline, so that she and Sylvie can reignite, or perhaps change, their on-screen rivalry. “I hope she comes back and we have more confrontations and hopefully, like we were saying, maybe we can team up,” she tells “And have another nemesis! Bring another enemy, you know.

Walsh seconded the idea. “That would be fun,” she replies. “I would love to see Madeline fired from the Gilbert Group having to beg for a job. [Laughs.] That would be great.”

It also turns out that Mindy is going to Eurovision! Her ex, Benoît, tells her that her song has been selected for the international competition, so we may have some great performances next season.

“I think my biggest hope is if we do Eurovision. [storyline], is that we can do another original song”, says Park. “I think that would be really cool. Freddy Wexler wrote ‘Mon Soleil’ last season, and that was really special. So I feel like it would be a fun opportunity for that.”

William Abadie would like Antoine to share more scenes with Alfie de Laviscount, his new CFO. “I hope they keep working together and keep clashing and keep finding solutions; I love our dynamic,” he says. “I hope this continues in the next few seasons, hopefully. And you know, that my character faces even more complications in the work field, in the romantic field, in Paris and in other places ”.

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emily in paris ashley park as mindy in emily in paris episode 310 cr marie etchegoyennetflix © 2022


Will Camille give birth in season 4?

Maybe not yet. The show’s creator, Darren Star, tells that all three seasons of Emily in Paris so far they have only covered six months. “So I don’t think this baby will necessarily come in season four,” she says. (To help give you an idea of ​​the possible timeline, Emily’s boss, Madeline, was early in her pregnancy at the beginning of the series and later gave birth in season 3.) Star adds, “Who knows, but… there’s still a little time before we have to worry about a baby.

Will Alfie come back?

Laviscount hopes so, but will leave the decision to the powers that be. He says that his “dream” is to “keep this gravy train going and just live in this world a little bit longer.” He adds: “The writers of the show and the creators behind it and everyone who comes in contact with it are amazing and fantastic. their minds [have] far, far, far, far exceeded mine. So yes. I’ll let them do their thing.”

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He also wouldn’t be against seeing more of Alfie’s life with a little jaunt to London, a “cheeky little weekend.” And he adds: “And it would be cool to see a little bit of where Alfie is from, I guess. We did see a little taste of Chicago here and there, but it would be nice to see where Alfie is from, see where he goes, see where he comes from, and see what made Alfie and who Alfie did.

emily in paris de lar lily collins as emily, lucien laviscount as alfie in emily in paris episode 310 cr marie etchegoyennetflix © 2022


Will season 4 be the last season?

Star doesn’t count on it. He tells that “there’s a lot more story to tell here and we’re not going to end things anytime soon.” That includes season 4. “And I hope season 4 isn’t the end either,” he adds. “I feel like we all creatively feel like we’re in the middle of something that’s not heading towards the end.

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Where will season 4 be filmed?

We’ve yet to find out, but Park teases “Emily in space!” (Hey, we wouldn’t rule it out.) Abadie is also supportive of taking “little trips here and there” outside of Paris, like the episode filmed in Provence in Season 3. “I mean, it’s just an endless stream of fun right around the corner.”

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