NFL Draft Day Trade Rumors: Will the 49ers and Ravens swap QBs?

With Brock Purdy and Trey Lance injured, could San Francisco trade Lamar Jackson?

With Brock Purdy and Trey Lance injured, could San Francisco trade Lamar Jackson?
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He nfl The Draft has arrived, and because of that, the rumor mill around the league is working overtime. now that Aaron Rogers is officially a New York jetThe most important story to pay attention to is the contract status with Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Jackson is adamant about wanting more than $200 million guaranteed, and the Ravens haven’t budged on their desire to stay out of a contract anywhere in that neighborhood. Yet another “suitor” has entered the scene, with reports appearing just hours before the first day of the draft that the san francisco 49ers have shown “kicking the tires” interest in acquiring Jackson.

This rumor is intriguing for many reasons, but mainly because a top-tier, dynamic quarterback is all the Niners lack. Imagine an offensive backfield with Jackson and Christian McCaffrey. Defensive coordinators would be shitting themselves just thinking about planning a game against them. Jackson would finally be pitching to a proven group of pass catchers in Deebo Samuel, George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk. Unless the latter is part of this or any other potential trade, as that rumor is floating around as well. Even without Aiyuk, Jackson to the 49ers would send massive shockwaves through the league and likely make the Niners heavy favorites to represent the NFC in next year’s Super Bowl.

A QB-for-QB trade, more picks?

Of course, any trade for Jackson by San Francisco would likely mean trey lance heading to Baltimore. If the Ravens trade Jackson to SF and don’t demand Lance in return, there should be some big questions about what’s going on in Baltimore’s front office. Earlier this week, 49ers general manager John Lynch said the team isn’t “actively buying” Lance. But if these reports are true that they’re pursuing a deal for Jackson, there’s no way Lance’s name hasn’t come up in those conversations.

“I think there’s a lot of smoke, really, and it hasn’t been extremely active.” lynch said. “And it’s not like we’ve said, hey he’s accepting offers for Trey, he calls 1-800. It has not been the process. People’s job in this is to ask questions. Has that happened a couple of times? Sure. But it hasn’t been that substantial.”

While the prospect of the Niners signing Jackson is exciting, it seems far-fetched on so many levels. Jackson hasn’t, and probably won’t, give up the guaranteed amount of money he wants in his next contract, and that feels like a price San Francisco won’t be willing to hit anytime soon. It’s fun to think and play fantasy GM with that thought, but a lot will have to change for this deal to come to fruition.

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