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Not As Many People Are Converting To EVs, Per Study

A new study has shown that while many people are interested in owning an electric vehicle, only a few have made the switch. This is what he revealed.

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A new study has shown that while many people are interested in owning a electric vehicle, only a few have made the switch. Today there are more electric models than could be found a few years ago. Although the usual practice is to electrify an existing model, as seen in the case of the Chevrolet Silverado EV and Ford Mustang Mach-E, some EVs have been built from scratch. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 comes to mind in that regard.

While electric vehicles have always been heralded as a safer means of mobility, manufacturers have found new use cases for recent models. For example, the F-150 Lightning is a truck that Ford says can power homes when there’s a blackout. That makes it an alternative source of power, a feature that will come in handy during rolling blackouts. Furthermore, electric vehicles now come with advanced technology, which means that drivers can enjoy a unique experience with driver assistance and infotainment systems. Additionally, most electric vehicles support over-the-air software updates, which means new versions of apps and other systems will always appear once they’re available for download.


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Despite the variety of benefits electric vehicles offer, many people still struggle to commit to ownership. There’s been a lot of talk about electric vehicles and how they’re revolutionizing the auto industry, but new research says few people have bought an electric model yet. CarGurus surveyed 3,008 car consumers and their responses were documented in the “2022 Customer Insight Report.Forbes reports that while 22 percent of respondents said they considered purchasing an EV, only five percent had made the decision. However, it’s worth noting that the desire to own an EV is growing, though not much of the hype has turned into purchases. Forty percent of those surveyed revealed that they wanted to have an electric car in the next five years. Meanwhile, 60 percent said they would take the plunge in the next ten years. Compared to last year’s findings (30 percent and 52 percent), it’s considered a massive improvement.

Factors behind consumers’ reluctance to buy an electric vehicle

According to the report, the range of electric vehicles, the availability of charging stations and the speed of charging are the main reasons why drivers of gasoline vehicles have not yet switched. Currently, the electric range of most models is between 250 and 350 miles. Cars with a longer electric range often cost more, reducing the number of people who can afford them. However, automakers have started to revise their battery development plan to make electric vehicle batteries more efficient. For example, General Motors Ultium battery technology is designed to increase range without sacrificing performance.

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The country’s charging infrastructure is still in its formative years. Electrify America offers DC fast charging, which adds a lot of miles in minutes. However, his network continues to grow. Fortunately, the US government has committed to supporting the expansion of public charging stations. By doing this, create GO adoption will increase. If people see more stations near them, they may be more inclined to electricity.

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Source: Forbes

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