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“Nuclear wars should not be fought,” says Chinese President Xi

Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s statement comes after a series of warnings about deploying nuclear weapons as Russia’s war in Ukraine intensifies.

China’s president has pressed world leaders to stop making threats and prevent the use of nuclear weapons in Europe and Asia as rhetoric about Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to mount.

President Xi Jinping made the request after meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Beijing on Friday, China’s official state news agency Xinhua reported.

“The international community should… jointly oppose the use or threats of using nuclear weapons, advocate against using nuclear weapons and against fighting nuclear wars, so as to avoid a nuclear crisis in Eurasia,” Xi said.

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A statement on Xi’s comments did not mention any specific nation related to nuclear threats, yet rhetoric from world leaders on atomic weapons has intensified in recent weeks. Fears have intensified that Russia’s eight-month conflict in Ukraine could go nuclear.

Moscow would face “serious consequences” if it uses chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in its war with Ukraine, the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized countries warned on Friday.


NATO began a round of nuclear exercises in October by simulating the dropping of “tactical” B61 nuclear bombs on Europe. The maneuvers occurred in parallel to similar Russian military exercises. Both parties described the exercises as routine.

Russia alleged last month that Ukrainian forces were planning to detonate a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine and blamed Moscow so that world opinion would oppose it. A dirty bomb is a conventional explosive device mixed with radioactive materials.

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The United Nations nuclear watchdog said this week it found no signs of “undeclared nuclear activities” at three sites it inspected in Ukraine at Kyiv’s request following Russia’s accusations.

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US President Joe Biden recently warned that the world could face “Armageddon” if his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, were to use a tactical nuclear weapon on Ukraine.

Putin said in September that he was “not lying” about using nuclear weapons if Russian territories, including illegally annexed regions in Ukraine, were threatened by NATO forces. He accused NATO nations of “nuclear blackmail” and plotting to “destroy” Russia.

Moscow later downplayed the threat to use atomic weapons, saying any confrontation with the United States and NATO was not in the Kremlin’s interest.

The Russian leader said last week that Moscow had no intention of using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. “We don’t see the need for that. That makes no sense, neither political nor military,” Putin said.

Biden responded in an interview, if Putin does not intend to use such weapons, then “why does he keep talking about it?”

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