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Pakistan: Naseem Shah, Rauf’s guard return to the field after rest – like this TV

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Pakistan’s Packer players Naseem Shah and goalkeeper Rauf have returned to the field after taking a few days off to recover from the cramps they suffered during their team’s crucial match against India in the ongoing AFC Asian Cup 2022.

It has been suggested that changes be made to the Pakistan team and the replacement of the bowlers Muhammad Hassanein and Hassan Ali in the next match against Hong Kong, in view of their fitness problems.

However, the duo declared fit and ready to play against Hong Kong after the break. The match is scheduled to take place in Sharjah on Friday.

“Although there was nothing serious about their injuries/fitness, both Naseem and the goalkeeper were given a break from training on Tuesday. They returned to the field on Wednesday and were seen bowling in the nets during the evening session held under the spotlight in the stadium Academy”.

“During the match against India, Naseem, Haris and Rizwan were seen suffering from dehydration cramps due to excessive heat and workload. There was nothing serious and now the speed drivers have been announced and are ready to play the next Asian Cup match on Friday.”

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When asked why he watched Pakistani bowlers struggle with their fitness, he said it was possible that they were trying to do more.

There is no specific cause for these cramps except for dehydration due to excessive efforts and excessive heat. Usually, these are just in time. “

It is learned that the Pakistan support team has taken additional measures to ensure that team members remain hydrated during the remaining matches.

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“Some additional efforts will be made, including the intake of fluids specifically designed to keep players hydrated, to ensure they remain fit during play.”

The team official added that Radwan took a rest on Wednesday. “He was there in the net on Tuesday. He advised Radwan on Wednesday to take a break.”

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