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Friday, September 30, 2022

Pamela Anderson, 55, goes to LA for free after successful Broadway race: photos

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20220925 121020

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Bow to the Queen! Pamela Anderson She can’t help but steal the spotlight when she goes out and that’s exactly what happened when Baywatch The icon got some shopping done on Friday, September 2. He took over the streets of Venice, California, as the stunning 55-year-old runner donned an all-white uniform and slipped it in a pair of Crocs x Balenciaga shoes.

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Pamela Anderson exited Venice, California in September 2022.

Pamela is clearly living her best life after getting rave reviews for her debut on Broadway playing Roxy in the musical. Chicago. A source said exclusively Hollywood Live That Pamela was “crying with happy tears” from the positive reactions, especially after she was so “nervous” about her performance at her first acting gig since 2019.

Pamela You read the reviews today and are very emotional because of how much critics favored her performance,” the insider began. “She was talking to her friends and weeping with happy tears because of what that meant to her. She put her heart and soul into this, and although she was nervous before going on stage during last night’s opening, she was also very excited to finally get a chance to show the world what she’s really capable of.”

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Pamela Anderson went makeup free for her retail therapy session. (BENS / BACKGRID)

The source added that the audience of the first night included her closest friends and her two sons. Brandon Thomas Lee And the Dylan Jagger Leewhich you share with your ex Tommy Lee. All the love and support allowed Pamela to focus on the near future. Now that the tensions of the first night are gone and the ratings are amazing, Pamela It will allow her creativity to shine and showcase her talent more than ever,” the insider added.

A few days before hitting the stage, Pamela gushed about the opportunity to play the iconic role of Roxie, which gave Renee Zellweger Nominated for an Academy Award for the movie version in 2002. “I feel like I have all these arms around me, and I feel so cuddly, so supportive, so rooted. It feels so new!” she told the view. “When you believe in yourself, other people start believing in you too. It’s a cliché, but once I decided I was good enough, all these things started to happen. It’s like a miracle miracle. I went from Baywatch to Broadway.”

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