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Friday, September 30, 2022

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

20220925 184901
20220925 184901


How low can you go, Pisces? Wait… don’t answer that! As Mercury retrograde moves backwards through Libra and your 8th house of seduction, intensity, and yes, revenge, strong feelings are sure to surface. But would fighting back mean hitting someone who is no match for his emotional intelligence and verbal power? That will only make you the bad guy. And if, on the other hand, you’re dealing with a bully, hitting back could further inflame this drama. What you have to do is fight this fight strategically. Retreating is the best way to send a clear “don’t mess with me” message, especially when Mercury is upside down. With your erotically charged 8th house in Mercury’s sights, lovers’ fights could turn messy and ugly if you get carried away there. Knowing that your feelings can be all over the place, be kind to yourself and create plenty of space in your schedule. And be aware of those trigger alerts instead of trying to “push”. That five-minute recovery walk you take could be the difference between breaking up and staying together!

Friday could find himself in a rather paradoxical position. On the one hand, passionate Mars is stationed in his fundamental fourth house, increasing his need for reassurance and additional security from those closest to him. But on the other hand, Venus (still going strong in Virgo and your house of relationships) collides with the red planet and turns you into an incorrigible flirt. Your open-minded sign can usually transcend the restrictions of social mores… but this is more a matter of balancing your domestic side and your liberated streak. The good news is that this is a fleeting one-day transit, and what feels “irresistible” today could be less than a grain of sand tomorrow.

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Sunday could bring a spike in popularity! The Sun forms a juicy trine (120 degree angle) with alchemical Pluto in the more social areas of your chart. Accompany a friend to a group activity, especially if it’s something metaphysical or meaningful. You never know who you’ll run into at that Tarot 101 workshop or yoga class with the gong meditation. Community activism could also appeal to you, providing a great outlet for your creativity and compassion. Bonus: With the Sun in your society house, you could meet a standout star among this team, someone with BFFs or even romantic potential. Explore!

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